Mississippi State is recruiting Pillow Academy standout basketball player Michael Boler. Michael is a 6-foot-5, 175-pound senior small forward. Find out where Mississippi State stands with Michael in this exclusive Gene's Page interview.

What were your stats during your junior season?
"Last year I averaged 17 points per game, 6 rebounds and 3 assists."

Has Pillow Academy played any games this season?
"No sir, we have a jamboree next Tuesday in Marianna, Arkansas. Our first game is November 19th against MRA at Madison."

What teams, other than Mississippi State, are recruiting you?
"Several teams out of New York, the Air Force, Cornell, Furman has contacted me some and Delta State."

Some of the schools that you mentioned are top academic schools. You must be a very good student?
"Yes sir, I have a pretty good GPA and ACT score."

Do you mind telling me what your GPA and ACT score are?
"No sir, I have a 3.9 grade point average and 24 on my ACT."

How did some of those schools find out about you?
"They saw me at the AAU Nationals."

Tell me more about your recruitment by Mississippi State.
"They would like to see me go to prep school in Winchedon. They want me to gain weight and get some playing time. Going up there I won't lose any eligibility. When I came back to State I would have five years to play four."

What are your thoughts about doing that?
"I am definitely thinking about it. It is a very good possibility. It will be good for me to get away from home and see a few different things."

What do your parents think about you doing that?
"I think they both think that it will be good for me."

Doesn't Winchedon offer scholarships?
"I think so. I think I am going to get a small scholarship to go there to play."

Your background is not a Mississippi State background is it?
"Both of my parents went to Ole Miss. I also had a few uncles and aunts who went to Ole Miss."

How does it feel to be recruited by State with such a strong Ole Miss background?
"It was a shock at first."

When did State first get interested in you?
"I played AAU with Bill Ball of the Raiders. He was an assistant coach (at Mississippi State). The AAU tournament was in Jackson. (Mississippi State) asked me to come to the individual camp so I came to it. They also called me to come to another camp (at MSU)."

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