Corinth, MS OL Looking Out of State

<b>Michael Hathorn</b> is a lineman from Corinth High School that is looking at several out of state schools, but there is good reason to believe he will take a hard look at Mississippi State before all is said and done.

Michael Hathorn is a big offensive line prospect from Corinth High School in Corinth, MS that can play any one of the three line spots at 6-4 and 260 pounds and a reported 5.0 forty time. He has been getting letters from several schools across the south and across the country.

"My favorite teams right now are Georgia, Southern Miss, Tennessee, Florida, and LSU," said Hathorn. "I've gotten letters from teams like Memphis, Georgia, Arkansas State, Colorado, and Auburn. My dad (Dale) played basketball at Mississippi State."

Despite not listing Mississippi State among his early Top 5, Hathorn attended several Mississippi State games last year. With his dad playing basketball at State, it would be remiss to count out the home state Bulldogs too soon. Hathorn even claimed that Mississippi State was his favorite team growing up.

Hathorn is a strong prospect that is an overall good athlete. He bench presses 365 pounds with a 500 squat. He plays catcher and first base for his baseball team, and he is a good student that will have no trouble qualifying.

"I try and compare my game to Shawn Andrews of Arkansas; he just plows the road."

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