Weight room workout pictures

Included are several pictures of members of the Mississippi State football team doing their 11:10 a.m. Wednesday workout.

Fred Reid doing clean-pulls.

Chris McNeil doing clean-pulls.

Cody Upton doing clean-pulls.

Richard Burch doing step-ups.

Ronald Fields doing step-ups.

Wayne Lomax doing step-ups.

Richard Burch doing russian twists.

Eric Butler doing russian twists.

Fred Reid doing the incline bench press.

Kevin Dockery doing the incline bench press.

Chris McNeil on the leg curl machine.

Markell McKinley on the leg curl machine.

Chris McNeil doing barbell curls-1.

Chris McNeil doing barbell curls-2.

Wayne Lomax doing weighted toe touches.

Ronald Fields doing weighted toe touches.

Markell McKinley doing DB bench on ball.

Ronald Fields doing DB bench on ball.

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