Cliff Ellis talked about his team's loss to MSU

Auburn head coach Cliff Ellis talked about his team's 105-91 loss to Mississippi State.

Opening Comments

"I want to congratulate Mississippi State on their second in a row Western Division Championship. They are a great team. It was a big night for them and we knew we were going to catch their best shot. Nobody was going to beat them tonight. I don't care who you bring in here. You can bring Duke in here, St. Joe's whoever, if they play like they did tonight, nobody is going to beat them. Those threes in the first half were awesome."


Did you focus on any players defensively to keep them from beating you?
"Yes, Roberts and Bowers early but they answered by Frazier coming out and boom, boom. Then, we played it straight up and a lot of people filled in."

How much did the loss of Killingsworth hurt you?
"He is one of our better players. I can't answer what difference it would have made tonight because I don't know. We definitely missed him."

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