Mississippi State basketball players talked about their 105-91 victory over the Auburn Tigers.

Pictured: Branden Vincent

"> Mississippi State basketball players talked about their 105-91 victory over the Auburn Tigers.

Pictured: Branden Vincent


MSU players talk about their victory

<img src="http://www.genespage.com/images/01players/basketball/brandenvincent-mug.jpg" align="left"> Mississippi State basketball players talked about their 105-91 victory over the Auburn Tigers.<P> <h4 >Pictured: Branden Vincent</h4>

Branden Vincent (8 pts, 6 rebounds, 1 block, 1 steal, 25 minutes ) It looked like you took them out of their game.
"Yeah, we were playing good basketball as a team. When you play like that, you feel the tempo is yours and you feel you can score whenever you want to."

You now go for a complete championship Saturday against Alabama. You won a piece of it tonight but you can win the entire thing Saturday.
"Yeah, we want it all. Honestly, I don't feel like I accomplished anything. I know these guys have bigger goals than just winning the SEC."

What did this win mean to this team?
"This win is just one step closer to our overall goal. You need momentum going into postseason play. So, we are going to try and carry this over to the NCAA Tournament."

This team really has played with heart this year. "Everybody stepped up and played with a whole lot of heart. When you have a team playing with a lot of heart, you can expect to win championship."

How important was it to you to see every player play in this game?
"It was real important. This is the kind of team where we want to see everybody succeed. We are not individuals."

Talk about playing for Mississippi State.
"I could gone to other places. I am just happy that I came here. I had a great year last year. I feel in love with this team. It is going to be hard for me to make another move away from here. I really do appreciate being here. I appreciate the fan support and how it is just one love around here. I'm really going to miss that."

Shane Power (17 pts, 2 rebs, 1 steal, 30 minutes)

Will you guys be able to forget about cutting down the nets and wearing those championship t-shirts and get focused for Alabama?
"Yeah, this celebration is strictly for tonight. Tomorrow, we will come back to work and try to get better."

Was this championship tonight one of the reasons why you decided to come here?
"It is definitely one of the reasons why I came here. When I visited here, I really felt like this was a team with some toughness and character and a bunch of talented players."

You celebrate tonight but there's no time to rest?
"We have one game left on Saturday. It is our biggest game of the year. We have to come out focused and razor sharp."

Did you sense that the team was going to come out and play as well as they did?
"Yeah, I think we sensed it. It was Senior Night and we were glad to be back in the Hump after a tough road game at Vanderbilt. Our energy and enthusiasm, from the tip, was great. And it carried throughout the entire game."

After the Alabama game here, you said they got a little cocky. Are you going to remember that?
"Yes, we are going to remember that these next three days in practice. I think once the game starts you have to forget it, but we will definitely remember that when preparing for them. Hopefully, we can come out and play our game on Saturday. I don't think we did that here at home. I thought they beat us in every aspect of the game. Hopefully, we won't let that happen twice."

Winsome Frazier (26 pts, 7 rebs, 1 steal, 32 minutes)

Did you feel you were going to be hot tonight?
"I came out with confidence and everything fell into place. You hit one, you hit another one. I give all the credit to my teammates. They saw me wide open and passed me the ball."

Have you ever been that hot before?
"It has been a long time since I have been that hot. One game, I hit about 5 threes, but I'm never hit 6 in the first half."

Was this game about winning an SEC Championship or sending the seniors our winners?
"It was both. You want to treat your seniors right but you also wanted that SEC Championship ring, too. I can say it was two for one and we took it."

You can win the championship outright Saturday against Alabama.
"They have a great team that is playing with a lot of confidence. We are going to try and play that game with as much energy as we played this one."

Timmy Bowers (15 pts, 2 rebs, 8 assists, 2 blocks, 1 steal, 32 minutes)

You couldn't pick a better way to go out, could you?
"Definitely not. As a senior, this is the way you want to go out. I knew coming into the game those guys were going to try and send us out on a good note. And they did it."

Did you expect something like this from Frazier tonight?
"No, nobody knew he would do that. He just came out and hit his first couple of shots. And once you get into that zone, you are just going to continue to shoot."

You are back on the road against Alabama trying to get revenge for one of the losses you had earlier in the year.
"Alabama is a team that came in here and beat us early on in the season. I think everybody will have that extra motivation to get one back. We know they are a good team, especially on their home court, but we know they stole one from us here, so we kind of have a little revenge factor."

How were your emotions tonight?
"I had a lot of different emotions going out because my folks were out there, all the fans were seeing me for the last time here in Humphrey Coliseum. I have been through a lot here. I've grown a lot. It was good for me, but everybody has to move on."

How special was it to win a championship your last home game?
"That is special. To win it your senior year on your home court, that just makes it more special. It makes it special because your family your fans can see you win it. Every player wants to win a championship. I was fortunate to win four championships since I have been here; this one, two SEC West and one SEC Tournament."

Dennis Buse (2 minutes)

Is a moment like this the reason you are here?
"My first year at Sam Houston State we won the conference and got a ring, but the Southland is not as unique as winning the SEC."

Talk about how special it was to you to get to play in the game and get that hug from Coach Stansbury when you came out and the crowd was chanting your name?
"Not many people get to experience that. It was very heartwarming and goes deep. It was really deep for me."

Did you have any clue that they team was going to be this good prior to the start of the season?
"Before the season, when Lawrence came in and Shane got healthy and Timmy, Branden and Frazier was playing well, I thought that we had a chance to do good and be competitive in the league. But I really never thought we would be 24 and 2."

Did you grow up a Mississippi State fan?
"No, Ole Miss. I was ballboy at Ole Miss for three years."

Really? Then, how did it all come about that you are now at MSU?
"I talked to Coach Stansbury coming out of high school, but there just wasn't any room. And I had scholarships to other places, so I decided to go to Sam Houston State. I ended up coming back to Itawamba. I remembered Coach Stansbury from high school so I came here. Once I got to State, I got to be around the guys for a semester before I joined the team and I could tell that this was a really special place that I really needed to be."

Are you now a Bulldog fan?
"I'm maroon all the way through."

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