Tommy Raffo talked about MSU's win

Mississippi State assistant baseball coach Tommy Raffo talked about how the MSU team's hitting has done so far this season and what he foresees for the next few games.

Has it surprised you how well the team has been hitting the ball?
"Going back to the approach that we are trying to have them buy into and understand, you are now seeing some of the young guys from last year buying into it. You are seeing some of their at-bats that are a little tougher when facing this type pitching. Obviously, the pitching is going to get better as the season goes on. That will be a great challenge and test for our guys. I'm excited about that."

Coaches always say hitting is contagious.
"Contagious hitting and timely hitting. That is a big part of it. That has been a positive. We've had guys up at the plate at the right time. We are moving the baseball with two strikes at times. We still have to get better with runners at third base with less than two outs. But you have started seeing the tough a-b's, 1-9, as we talked about early in the season. One through nine, they have to be tough outs. As the pitchers face our lineup, there is not a place where they can sit back and say I'm ok now. That is the way we have to win ball games as an offense, we have to have a good 1 through 9. Are we going to hit long balls all the time? I still think we are a gap-to-gap type offense, a solid approach team. But, yes, we will hit the occasional long ball."

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