MSU baseball players talk about their win

Mississippi State baseball players talked about their 4-2 win over South Alabama. With the win, Mississippi State goes to 8-0 on the season.

Junior starting pitcher Eric Ebers (IP 7.1, H 5, SO 4, BB 2, R 2, ER 2)

You pitched a good game today.
"It is a good because we won today. It was a good ballclub that we played today. Anytime you can come out with a win it's a great day."

Did the weather affect you at all?
"No, it was like pitching at home for me."

What was working for you today?
"Nothing, at first. After that, my changeup was working real well and my curveball was falling in for strikes. I got inside with a lot of pitches, which I was happy with."

Did you expect to throw that many innings?
"No, but I'm glad I did. I loved throwing that long."

How many pitches did you throw?
"I threw 100+, maybe 110."

Did you feel ok late in the game?
"I felt great. I felt great going into the 8th inning."

Junior relief pitcher Saunders Ramsey (W 1-0, IP 1.2, H 0, SO 4, BB 0, 0 R, 0 ER)

When you are pitching, you are wicked on hitters. Talk about what you are throwing.
"As far as how I throw, that is something that Coach Rock did and I have to give him all the credit. When I came in here, I was throwing over the top but he saw something that he thought might work, so I dropped down and started throwing sidearm. The way I throw is not very fast but it has a lot of movement and gets the job done."

I know you said you don't throw very fast but it looks like you are throwing a little faster.
"Maybe a little bit harder, but the way I throw doesn't necessarily need velocity as long as I get on top of the ball and get the movement that I need."

So, it's the movement that makes you so effective?
"Yes sir, the late movement and the deception. The late movement as far as batters swinging over pitches and the deception as far as where I'm throwing the ball and where I'm releasing it."

Do you like the fact that you will be a late-inning type pitcher this year?
"Yes sir, it's kind of what I expected. When (Jonathan) Papelbon left, Coach Rock pretty much told me and Brad Corley that we would both be mixing in an out with the closer's role. Tonight, he got me in there with bunt situations. I felt good, so he left me in. When we need a strikeout, I'm probably not the guy to go to. Brad Corley might be good for that because he is more of a power pitcher."

None of the other games were really a challenge for your team. Was a game like this something that you guys might have needed?
"I told somebody a long time ago, after they asked when would this team be challenged, this week would tell us how good we are. If we go 4 and 1 or 5 and 0, then we know we are a good ball team."

How did the cold, windy weather affect you today?
"It was a little cold. The wind was the biggest thing. But, once you get out there, all you are worried about is getting outs. You don't even care about the weather."

Sophomore centerfielder Joseph Hunter (1-for-4, 1 RBI)

What was it about their pitcher that allowed him to shut you guys down like no other pitcher has this season?
"He had four good pitches. He had a split, change, a real good slider and a good fastball. He is probably the best pitcher that we have faced this year. He spotted up well and you never knew what he was going to throw."

When you hit your RBI single in the 8th inning, what were you looking for?
"They threw me a second pitch slider everytime I came up. I was kind of out on my front foot the first couple of times and he kind of made me look like (bad). I stayed back and hit it well (in the 8th)."

Was it good to have a game where you guys were finally challenged?
"I think this was good for the team. We didn't play as well as we wanted to and we made a lot of mistakes. We didn't hit the ball as well, but I think we did a good job of staying in the game. I think it really showed what this team was made of."

Did the wind affect the play today?
"It is more difficult for the outfielders moreso than the hitters. It is swirling, which makes it even tougher. You have to make sure you are checking the wind in between each pitch. You never know what it is going to do when it gets up in the wind. It could carry 30 more feet than it usually does."

When you are at the plate, how do you concentrate, especially when it is such a cold wind blowing in your face?
"Honestly, I don't think about it too much when I'm at the plate because the wind doesn't hit you too much when you at the plate."

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