[Premium article] Winsome Frazier talks about adjusting to college basketball and adjusting to Starkville after living in Miami.

An extra-baggy sweat suit hides the body of a seasoned veteran of one of the most physical conferences in the country. A walk that could almost be mistaken for standing still if the head did not move hides the natural quickness of a point guard for a national contender. The first thing that will be noticed when talking to Winsome Frazier is not physical anymore, not since head coach Rick Stansbury made him get a haircut, but the politeness of a homegrown Mississippian.

"Coach (Stansbury) told me the first week to get a haircut, but I really didn't want to at first," said the now clean cut Frazier of his beginnings at MSU. "Now I like it. It makes me like people will look at me and say ‘there is a nice looking guy.' That makes me feel good."

Fans and coaches of the Bulldogs are not just saying that he is a nice looking guy, but the talk is of his ability on the basketball hardwood.

After only being on campus for a little over three months, Frazier dazzled coaches and spectators by lighting up the scoreboard for 18 points in the final scrimmage of the preseason. Frazier also shined on the defensive end of the floor showing the quickness and anticipation of a seasoned veteran of the NCAA.

"I think my strengths on offense are my ability to take the ball off the dribble," Frazier said. "I also am able to create my own shots, that is something I have worked on.

"On defense I really like working for the steal playing one-on-one. That allows me the chance to run the floor if I am successful."

Watching Winsome brings immediate thoughts of current Bulldog guards Derrick Zimmerman and Timmy Bowers. Add in the natural abilities of Mario Austin and Marcus Campbell and the future looks bright for the Dogs.

"Playing with those guys helps a lot," said the very soft-spoken and humble Frazier of his current Bulldog teammates. "Guys like Mario (Austin) and Marcus (Campbell) take the pressure off of us (guards). We know that we can get the ball to them and they will finish.

"My game fits very well with Z (Zimmerman) and Timmy (Bowers). Those guys run the floor very well, and that is something I love to do."

While adjusting to the speed of basketball on a new level may not have been such a great change, the Miami native has had to adjust to living in a small town. Once again, however, this does not seem to bother him.

"I like the small town and school," Frazier said of his new home. "With things being small and not as much to do, it helps to keep me out of trouble. Z (Zimmerman) and Ontario (Harper) have really helped me too while I have been here. They have kind of showed me the ropes."

The small town was not what drew this prize recruit to the Golden Triangle.

"I was recruited by Miami, Florida State, Central Florida and a bunch of other schools," Frazier said of his decision to come to Mississippi. "But I really liked the way that MSU plays. They play up and down the court. That is my style of game."

With two great scrimmages under his belt and an exhibition that saw him post 11 points in limited action, this new Bulldog looks to have a bright future.

Grant Alford is a free-lance correspondent for Gene's Page. He is a student at Mississippi State University and works as a sports reporter for the student newspaper, The Reflector. You can contact him by email at

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