Sam Weaver talked about MSU's victory

Mississippi State assistant coach Sam Weaver talked about MSU's 85-52 victory over Monmouth in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

How much does a victory help this team after the loss to Vanderbilt in the SEC Tournament?
"It helps a lot. With all the preparation that we went through, it was a good game to have after the Vanderbilt game. We did a better job of defending the back cuts after we didn't do a good job of that against Vanderbilt. It was a good week for us. The main focus was that we knew what we had to do."

They hung with your guys for most of the first half, then you starting putting them away. What was the reason for that in your opinion?
"I think it was a combination of them not making shots and us pushing the ball in transition. We didn't push the ball that hard against Vanderbilt. We really got the ball out and ran with it. We also got the ball to the post and we did a good job of rebounding the ball. It was a totally different game from the Vanderbilt game. All the things we didn't do against Vanderbilt we did tonight."

Even during the introductions your guys seemed to be very, very focused. Did you also notice that in the locker room?
"It have been that way since the Vanderbilt loss. Since they came back to practice that Monday, our practices have been unbelievable. We just did a little running Monday and they were very serious even with the running. None of them missed their running times. The guys took their loss very, very seriously. They have been quiet the entire week. There has been no rah-rah the entire week."

Will you coaches go out and scout the Louisville-Xavier game that is about to be played?
"Coach Kirby has already done some film work on them. Coach Cunningham did the scouting of Xavier earlir in the season. They'll also go out and watch them tonight. We'll see if they do anything new. It'll also be our first time to scout Louisville, so we'll see what they do."

What will you coaches do from now until Sunday's gametime?
"There will be a lot of tape watching, doing scouting reports, going over details over and over again, making sure we cover all of their out of bounds plays. Of course personnel is very big. What a guy can do and what he can't do. Everything they do, we will spend the next 24 hours going over that. We'll then bring in the players and go over our scouting report with them in detail. Then, we'll have the opportunity to get back on the court where we will go over it again with them. Then, we'll go over it again. Everything right now is consumed with focusing in on our next opponent."

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