Xavier's Lionel Chalmers talks about MSU

Xavier's Lionel Chalmers talked about Mississippi State and how his team has been playing of late.

Your team really turned it up in the second half against Louisville. However, will it take a 40 minute effort to beat Mississippi State?
"With a team as talented as that, it will be a 40 minute game. They don't have 3 losses for nothing."

Do you feel you will have to somehow counter Mississippi State having such a talented player as Lawrence Roberts inside?
"I think we did a great job of rebounding in the last game. I think that is a big key. I don't know what part their big man will play as far as scoring, but I think rebounding is a big key in this game. If we can get rebounds and stops I think we will be fine."

What do you think is the biggest difference in your two teams since you last played each other?
"We have grown. Over a course of a season, you either grow, you stay the same or you get worse. I think both teams have grown and the leadership has been a big key for both teams. It will come down to who is the tougher team."

How much motivation is you guys wanting to get past the second round of the tournament?
"It is a lot of motivation. We have been very fortunate the last couple of years to get to where we have."

Both of your teams have had great success running the ball. Will it come down to which team can go up-tempo the best?
"I think the key is going to be defense. As much a running, up-tempo game as it will be, I think the defensive stops are where it is going to be at and getting that rebound."

Your thoughts on Lawrence Roberts.
"Great player. He is unbelievable. He can post up as well as go out and shoot the three. It is a tough matchup, but we have played them before and we understand how to play them. We'll see how it goes."

You have faced Timmy Bowers twice. What are your thoughts on him?
"He is a great player as well. As a point guard, he is 25-3, so, obviously, he is getting the job done."

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