MSU players talk about Xavier loss

Mississippi State's players talked about their loss to Xavier, knocking them out of the NCAA Tournament.

Timmy Bowers

How important was it when they made that three-point just before halftime?
"When they hit that shot, I said to myself, 'it is going to be a pretty long night for us. Anytime you hit shots like that and the shots Chalmers was hitting in the first half, that just gave them a lot of confidence coming into the second half. I think they hit the first six threes that they attempted in the second half."

Was there anything you could have done differently to stop them from shooting the ball so well?
"There was not much you could do about it, but go out there and try to contain them. The biggest thing we didn't do was put baskets in on the other end."

Talk about your team's shooting today.
"I kind of think we took too many perimeter jump shots instead of looking for Lawrence in the low post or high post. We got some good looks from Branden Vincent but it was physical down there and we missed some chip shots. "

What do you think about your career at Mississippi State?
"It has been a great career."

What happened to your finger?
"I kind of jammed it pretty good when someone set a ball screen."

What do you think about Chalmers after playing him today?
"I think he is one of the better guards in the country but he probably doesn't get credit for it. He put them on his back today. Early on, we tried to contain him, but later on, in the first half, we just couldn't guard him off of the ball screens. Once we got on him in the zone, he started hitting contested shots, NBA threes."

Shane Power

It seemed like everytime you made a shot they had an answer for it. How frustrating was that?
"We out-rebounded them. We held Anthony Myles down. Romain Sato shot 4 of 10. But they were outstanding from the three-point line. You have to give Xavier a lot of credit. They came out and shot lights out. There's not much more you can say. Our team has been humble in victory all year and we will be humble in defeat. We will them credit for coming out and playing their best basketball of the year. They are the hottest team in the country right now."

When a shooter is in the zone like Chalmers was tonight, is there anything, as a defender, you can do about it?
"We came into the game knowing that they were going to get shots up, so what we wanted to do was contest them and make them tough shots. Chalmers reminds me a lot of Timmy (Bowers). When Timmy gets into that zone there is not much you can do. And I didn't feel there was much we could do against Chalmers tonight."

Branden Vincent

What did you think about Xavier's play today?
"They came out and played hard. Everytime we tried to make a run they made their own run. When you have a team doing that it is hard to come back on them."

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