[Premium article] Mississippi State continues to have an outstanding recruiting year picking up their fourth Dandy Dozen commitment Monday afternoon.

Aries Nelson, a 6-foot-4, 195-pound senior quarterback who plays for Cleveland East Side HS in Cleveland, Mississippi, has committed to Mississippi State. He is one of the top senior quarterbacks in the state of Mississippi this year and also a Dandy Dozen selection. Aries is a B+ student.

I was just calling to see how everything is going. You had a pretty good game against Jackson (MS) Provine High School last Friday night.
Aries Nelson: You haven't heard the news today?

No, what news?
Aries Nelson: I committed today (to Mississippi State).

You did!
Aries Nelson: Yeah (chuckle).

When did you commit?
Aries Nelson: I committed today at about 2 o'clock.

What coach did you commit to?
Aries Nelson: I told Coach Sherrill.

What was Coach Sherrill's reaction?
Aries Nelson: He got the entire coaching staff in his office so that they could hear me over the speaker phone.

Tell me a little about your commitment.
Aries Nelson: I knew what I wanted to do and I was tired of the recruiting. I decided not to keep the cat in the hat any longer.

So you already knew what you wanted to do and decided to make it public?
Aries Nelson: Yes sir, it was going to be either Mississippi State or Grambling State (Aries has family connections to Grambling State.). If I had gone out of state it would be Grambling. If I stayed instate it would be Mississippi State.

That should cut down the calls.
Aries Nelson: I hope so. Jackson State just called me.

What schools have been calling you?
Aries Nelson: Jackson State just called me. Grambling State, Valley State, Delta State, LSU and Ole Miss have called me.

What coach from Mississippi State is recruiting you?
Aries Nelson: Coach (Melvin) Smith.

What are your expectations for next year when you get to Mississippi State?
Aries Nelson: I know I can come in and get the job done. I don't have to start. I just want to contribute. I know I have to work hard.

Thank you, Aries.

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