<b>NOXUBEE COUNTY HS</b> - I attended the Hernando HS at Noxubee County HS 4A playoff game Friday night. What ended up as one of the most dramatic endings that I have ever seen, Hernando defeated the homestanding Noxubee County Tigers, 24-22, on a short field goal with just a few seconds to go in the game. Noxubee County had one last chance but a 60+ yard pass by junior quarterback <b>Omar Conner</b> fell incomplete at the 10-yard line.

I went to this particular game to watch a couple of players that a lot of folks have been talking about, Hernando's senior linebacker Deljuan Robinson (MSU is recruiting him heavily) and Noxubee County's junior quarterback Omar Conner (6-foot-1, 190). Both had very good nights and did not disappoint. Deljuan has very, very good speed to be such a big youngster (6-foot-5, 265) and shows leadership ability on the field. Omar has a very strong arm and good speed and quickness. He also appears to have an air of confidence about him. Even after his team went down 21-14 with about 4 minutes to go, he smiled on the sidelines prior to going in for the final touchdown drive by Noxubee County that would temporarily put them ahead 22-21.

Remember this name, Kevin Dockery. Kevin, all 5-foot-8 and 174 pounds of him, plays quarterback and on occasion running back for Hernando. During the game, he showed some of the greatest quickness that I have ever seen by a high school player. When you thought he was caught he would somehow break loose for additional yards. When he was one on one with a potential tackler, he would do a spin move that left the opposing player grasping air. He was truly a highlight film last night and won the game for Hernando. He took control of the game on the winning field goal drive , racking up most of the yards during the drive. He was like a man possessed on one play. He seemed to be caught in the backfield but broke three or four tackles to gain a large amount of yards to help get Hernando closer to solid field goal position. According to Coach Anthony Jenkins, Arkansas State a few other small schools are looking at Kevin. All I can say is it's a bunch of D-I school's loss if they don't take a look at this youngster.

I don't know if it was an error in the Noxubee County HS program or not but Hernando had a fullback, Larry Henderson, who was listed as a freshman. If he is only a freshman he will be one of the top seniors in the state in a few years. He showed good speed and excellent power and determination when running the ball.

Another player who caught me by surprise was Noxubee County's senior DB/WR Vincent Dancy. He is about 6-foot-2 and 190 pounds and has great hands. All night long he seemed to find an opening and when thrown the ball always caught it. Several times the ball was thrown high but he always jumped up and caught it even though he knew he might get hit hard while fully stretched out catching the ball. After separating his shoulder, he continued to play and even caught a huge pass on the last Noxubee County touchdown drive. I'm not really sure who is looking at Vincent, although I have heard Ole Miss might be.

Noxubee County also has a senior linebacker, O'Bryant Brandy (6-foot-2, 200), who looked very good at times last night. He seemed to be one of the few players who could actually tackle Hernando's Kevin Dockery. The last time I talked to O'Bryant he said Ole Miss was paying the most attention to him.

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