Class of 2005 Profile: RHP Tyler Watson

Tyler Watson, a 6-foot-2, 210-pound righthanded pitcher who attends Houston High School in Germantown, Tennessee, is one of the better juniors in the South. Gene's Page recently caught up with Tyler for an interview.

What is your fastball velocity and your top velocity?
"I throw in the 87 to 89 (mph) range. Someone told me that I hit 91, but I know for sure that I have topped out at 89."

What other pitches do you throw?
"I throw a curveball and a changeup."

What are you most comfortable pitching?
"I spot my fastball the best but my curveball is my out pitch."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular school?
"I like Auburn football a whole lot. I also like Memphis in basketball and in football. Auburn is pretty much my favorite sports school but that doesn't necessarily mean that I want to go there."

Have you gone to many of Auburn's games?
"I have been to a couple of football games with my grandpa, who has season tickets."

What schools are your favorite baseball schools?
"I wasn't really into college baseball until my freshman year and starting thinking about playing college baseball. I then started thinking about colleges that it would be cool to go to and (Mississippi) State, because they are close and a good team, were always in the back of my mind."

When did Mississippi State first catch your attention?
"When I was in middle school, I remember watching the College World Series and seeing them in it."

What other teams came to mind when you were thinking about schools that you would like to play for?
"Ole Miss, Arkansas, Alabama. I also like Memphis but they haven't been strong of late. I would prefer playing in a winning program."

What schools are sending you letters?
"Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky. I also received one from Auburn and one from Arkansas."

You mentioned Mississippi State and Ole Miss. Both are fairly close to Germantown. With Ole Miss doing so well this year, has that made a difference in your feelings about the two schools?
"No, not really. I know (MSU pitching) Coach Schoenrock, but I don't know much about the Ole Miss coaches."

What are your impressions of Ole Miss?
"I think it is also a really good baseball school. They have a nice field there. And I know Coach Bianco is a good coach. I'm sure they would be fun to play for. "

Have you attended any of Mississippi State's baseball camps?
"Yes sir, I went to their winter camp in January (2004)."

Did you attend their Junior Day they had a few weeks ago?
"Yes sir."

What impressions did you form about State after attending their camp and Junior Day?
"After I went to their camp, I knew they were good instructors and would make me a better ballplayer. Then, after I went to their Junior Day, I realized that they really key on academics, which is important to me. I already knew they were good coaches."

What did you think about their facilities?
"They were really nice. They have Grisham Tunnel, which was really cool because it is inside and has a dirt mound. The field is really nice."

While at State, what did the coaches say they liked about you?
"I talked to (pitching) Coach (Darren) Schoenrock. He said that I have potential to be an above average player. He didn't really key on any specifics. He just said that if I keep working hard I will have a good chance to play at the next level."

How you gone to any other Junior Days or college baseball camps?
"I haven't gone to any other Junior Days, but I went to an Ole Miss camp when I was a sophomore."

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