Class of 2005 Profile: SS/RHP Max Freeman

Max Freeman, a 6-foot-3.5, 180-pound SS/RHP who plays for St. Joseph's in Greenville, is one of the top junior baseball players in the state of Mississippi. Gene's Page caught up with Max for an interview. At the time of the interview, Max, who is 17-years old, was hitting .530+ with 6 home runs and 15 stolen bases. Pitching-wise, he was undefeated. His team was 14-4 at the time. Max also plays quarterback and kicks for the football team.

Max Freeman Profile

What baseball camps have you attended?
"I camped at Delta State and Mississippi State this past summer. I enjoyed both of them and plan on going back to both of them."

Name all the college baseball camps that you will be attending this summer?
"Delta State, Mississippi State and maybe LSU."

My understanding is you also play quarterback and kicker for your high school football team.
"Yes sir, but my main sport is baseball."

Have you gotten letters for both sports?
"I've gotten more letters for football but I would rather play baseball."

What schools have sent you football letters?
"Auburn, LSU, Arkansas have sent me a lot of letters. Ole Miss, also. I think (Mississippi) State has sent me one in football, too."

Who is sending you baseball letters?
"Delta State, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Morehead (State), South Florida, Millsaps and maybe Auburn."

I know you play shortstop and pitch. What are you projected to play in college?
"When I went to the (Mississippi) State camp, my group coach saw me more as an infielder. In college, they throw around 90 (mph) and I'm hitting 82, but I believe I could be both."

My understanding is you play in a fairly big park. You've camped at MSU so you know what size field they have. How does it compare to their field?
"Yes sir, it's about the size of Mississippi State's except that we have a fence about the size of their center field fence that goes all the way around ours."

That's a big park. How many games have you played at your home park and how many home runs have you hit out there?
"I think we have played 8 games at home and I've hit 2 home runs."

You mentioned that you will be attending several college baseball camps this summer. Will you be playing baseball with any team this summer?
"I will be playing in the State Games in Meridian and I may be playing with an American Legion team."

Have you grown up a fan of any college?
"Mississippi State 100%."

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