[Premium article] MSU tight end Donald Lee talks about the Arkansas game and the upcoming Ole Miss game.

Talk about how the team is feeling right now.
Donald Lee: "We were hurting after the game but Coach Sherrill came in and told us to keep our heads up and keep playing with the same intensity and we will win the next two. Right now, the team is just looking forward to playing Ole Miss because that is a big rivalry game. I feel like it is the turning point of our season. We beat Ole Miss and it will offset part of the hurt of this season. We are playing on pride now."

On the last touchdown drive by you guys it seemed like the offense really started jelling. Was there any particular reason for that?
Donald Lee: "What really got the team pumped up was Kevin (Fant) getting hit late. Everyone was upset. The guy knocked Kevin out of the game on the late hit. It was like if that wasn't enough to get you pissed off then you don't need to be out here. Kevin is a never-say-die type player and we all respect him for that. When he came back in the offense got all hyped up. It seemed like everybody got pepped up and we scored a touchdown."

You had 4 receptions yesterday. Do you consider that your best game so far?
Donald Lee: "Yes, because I felt good blocking and I got a lot of looks from Kevin. He read all of his options. You have to be prepared when he is out there because he reads the defense and finds the open receiver. As for blocking, I am going to make sure no one can get back there to him."

Discuss that part about reading the defenses and knowing who your options are.
Donald Lee: "We concentrate very hard in practice because with Kevin even if it is third down you have to keep your head in the game because he may check all the way down to the fourth receiver. The coach always tells us when Kevin is in the game watch out because he can get anyone the ball anytime."

This is Egg Bowl week. It has to be an exciting time because it is your rival game.
Donald Lee: "Ole Miss is a really good team. It is the Egg Bowl and no one wants to lose to them. Everybody throws the records out when it comes to this game."

I bet you wouldn't mind scoring another touchdown against them just like you did your freshman year.
Donald Lee: "I wouldn't mind at all. I hope that Coach Woods draws up some kind of strange play and as soon as I get the ball I want to score."

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