MSU Football to Have a Ladies Football 101 Clinic

Brad Pendergrass, the assistant to Mississippi State head football coach Sylvester Croom, talked with Gene's Page about something that MSU football will do for the first time, the Ladies Football 101 Clinic. The clinic, which will be on June 17-18th, 8-5 each day, costs $100 per lady.<P> For those ladies with boys who range in age from 7 to 12, MSU will also be having a football camp called the Little Bulldog Camp (Ages 7-12) on the same two days during the same timeframe.<P>

Mississippi State, as usual, is hosting several football camps this summer, but something different this year is a clinic just for the ladies that is called Ladies Football 101 Clinic. Tell me a little more about that and how it came about.
"A trend that some of our coaches and I have noticed that is happening around the country is something called Ladies Football 101. People do it a lot of different ways. What we are going to do here at Mississippi State is a two-day clinic June 17-18th. There is no physical activity involved. It is a two-day 8 to 5 information session. In the mornings, either the offensive staff or the defensive staff will be with them and in the afternoons the members of the staff that weren't with them in the mornings will be with them. We are also going to have some guest officials in to cover the basic rules. Some of our players will also come in for Question and Answer sessions. We are also going to do some things where it won't just be a classroom setting all the time.

"Because football is such a difficult game and hard to understand, especially if you have never played it, we just want to see if we can help them understand it better."

Obviously, all of you are football coaches who have been around football all of your lives and have been teaching guys who have also been around football all of their lives. How will you be able to relate to women in a way where they will be able to understand it?
"I have done some research with some other universities that have done this sort of thing. Virginia Tech does it. Shane Beamer told me a lot about what his dad (VT head coach Frant Beamer) and his (Virginia Tech) staff does. They have been very successful with their women's clinic, which probably has a turnout of 1,000 to 1,500. Coach Beamer's wife, Cheryl, has even gotten involved in their clinic. Southern Miss' head coach Jeff Bowers' wife has even gotten involved in it when they have done it.

"It has been well researched and will be a very enjoyable time for women."

How can the women who want to come to the clinic signed up for it?
"They can do one of two things; they can call the football office at 662-325-2534 and ask for Jane Ballard and she can send them an application or they can get on our internet site ( and click on the tab on the right side that says Summer Camps (see summer camps link below). There is a printable brochure there that they can mail in."

Summer football camps/ladies clinic link...

[The clinic is restricted to women who are 21 years old or older.-Gene]

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