Mississippi High School Player Updates

Football players from Magee High School, Brookhaven High School and Indianola Gentry High School are in TheInsiders Mississippi sports news this week.

Magee HS - Keep an eye out for Jordan Stringer, a 5-8, 175-pound sophomore-to-be linebacker/fullback. According to my source, Jordan, who benches 285 pounds and runs a 4.6 forty, was named defensive player of the year for 7th grade, 8th grade and was named Head Hunter for the 9th grade year. As a fullback, he is a punishing runner who blows open holes. He also kicked for his 9th grade team.

Indianola Gentry HS - Gentry HS also has an underclassman to watch this coming season, Justin Wraggs, a 6-4, 285-pound junior-to-be offensive lineman. Justin is also a very good student.

Brookhaven HS - Zack Ray (6-3, 310), who played defense the past few years, is being moved to the offensive line this coming season, his senior season. One of the strongest players in the state, Zack benches 405, squats 540, power cleans 315 and deadlifts 480. He also has a fairly good 40 time for someone his size 5.3. An excellent student, Zack scored a 23 on his ACT and is planning on taking it a couple of more times to try to get a little higher score. Cornell and Yale have already taken notice of this true student/athlete.

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