Fund Raising Efforts to be Totally Revamped

Since yesterday's Clarion-Ledger article about MSU Athletic Director Larry Templeton and whether his contract will be renewed in June, a number of the posts on my message boards have been about that article. While I don't know what will happen when the College Board votes on Larry Templeton's contract, I have found out that there are several things that are to be put in Larry's contract if it is renewed. One of the most important things deal with fund raising for MSU Athletics.

Listed below are several things that should help MSU's fund raising significantly. One directly affects Larry's contract.

1) If Larry's contract is renewed, there are a number of targets and goals that will be placed in his contract concerning upgrading the fund raising efforts.

2) MSU President Dr. Lee has a meeting planned with the presidents of the Alumni Association, the Bulldog Club, the MSU Foundation, the Bulldog Foundation as well as Larry and the VP for External Affairs to totally revamp the fund raising efforts for MSU's Athletics.

3) The MSU Alumni Association is also becoming more actively involved in helping with the athletics' fund raising efforts. They will be mailing out letters to over 40,000 MSU alumni asking them to purchase season tickets.

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