Paul Maholm Talks About His Pitching Accident

Former Mississippi State Bulldog pitcher Paul Maholm was recently hit in the face with a line drive. The ball did significant damage to the left side of his face. Paul, who is at the Atlanta Regional talked to Gene's Page about the accident, his surgery and how he is doing since the surgery.

Talk about the accident where you were hit in the face by a batted ball.
"It was a line drive that I didn't see. It hit me in the corner of my left eye and my nose. I went down with a broken nose and shattered left orbital. I had surgery to fix everything. I'll be out 6 to 8 weeks. Then I'll make rehab starts on the rookie level."

Did the ball knock you out when it hit you?

Since you were awake, what were your thoughts immediately after you were hit?
"I knew it wasn't good because I was laid out. As soon as they came out to look at me, they told me my nose was broken. It is unfortunate but it's something that happened and something that I will have to deal with and get over."

Did you think that your career might be over?
"No. It obvious wasn't fun that it happened, but I knew that it wasn't my arm. I knew it was something that I could come back from. As soon as I get on the mound and face my first hitter I will be alright."

Are you a little nervous about getting back on the mound and facing hitters again?
"We'll just have to wait and see. If I throw my pitch and duck, then I might know that I need to do something. I've pitched for a long time and this is the first time that I've been hit in the face. It's a freak accident, and, hopefully, it won't happen again. I've been hit everywhere else but not there, so, hopefully, it's just a one time thing that I won't have to worry about again."

How do you feel when you watch other pitchers now?
"Whenever I watch, it's just like a normal game. I've sat around and watched a bunch of games since I had the surgery. When balls start flying, it doesn't really bother me. I sit behind the screens just to be careful. When we get back on the mound, we'll see what happens."

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