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Several Mississippi State players - Richard Burch, Fred Reid, Nick Signaigo, Monte Collins, Corey Clark and Eric Fuller - discuss things such as their weight losses or gains, how their post-spring workouts went, what kind of workouts they are currently doing and what they hope to achieve this summer.


What was your objective this past spring?
"This past semester my objective was to lose 30 to 35 pounds. I was supposed to get down to 305 but I actually went too far and got down to 295. I had to gain some back, so I'm about 305 now."

You seem to do really well in today's workouts. Do you think you are getting back to where you were your freshman year?
"Oh yeah. I'm actually getting in better shape. I wasn't in as good of shape my freshman year. I was also about 325 to 330 then. I'm moving a lot better."


As far as workouts, what did you guys do after the spring practices were completed?
"We worked out pretty much three times a week lifting weights and doing a little running until we went into final exams. Once final exams hit, we stopped doing everything. After that we went home for two or three weeks and had a good time there."

What kind of workouts are you guys doing during the first summer session?
"We are lifting weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, running on Tuesday and Thursday and doing Karate once a week."

Why did you decide to come back for the first summer session?
"I knew that if I stayed at home I wouldn't get as good of a workout as I will by being here. Plus, I wanted to take a couple of classes."

When do you plan on graduating?
"December or May."


What have you worked on since spring practice has ended?
"To get stronger. Coach Drayton told me to report in at 245. Today, I weighed in at 249. But running all summer, I'm sure I will be able to lose the weight."

Today you guys lifted weights and did some conditioning running at the end of the workout. That's what you will be doing Monday, Wednesday and Friday. What will you do Tuesday and Thursday?
"Tuesday and Thursday we have agility drills at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. We'll do a lot of bag drills and 10, 20 and 40 yard sprints, working on quickness."

How do these workouts compare to last year's workouts? Are they more intense?
"Coach Grant's were pretty intense. I'm not taking anything away from Coach Grant. Coach Nowell just has a different philosophy in the way he teaches things. We do a lot of explosion lifts. I have to say that it is a pretty intense workout, but this is what I love to do. You can tell all the big guys are getting thinner and getting more muscle on them. By the time two-a-days get here, they should all be animals. All of us should be pretty good."


How much did you weigh when you first got to State?
"I had gotten up to 400."

How much do you weigh now?
"I'm down to 367."

What do they want you down to?
"They want me down to 330."

What are you trying to achieve with your workouts this summer?
"I just want to lose my weight but I don't want to lose it too fast like I did with the Atkins Diet. I lost it so fast on that diet that I was very weak. Then, I gained it all back. Now they want me to lose it steadily so that I can keep my strength."


How much weight have you lost?
"From the time I first got here, I went from 322 to 303, so I lost about 19 pounds."

During the running that you guys just got through with, you really seemed to show that you have really come in in great condition.
"That was a big problem for me when I first got here, so I have been working on the mental part. I want to continue working on that so I can make it through everything no matter how tough it gets mentally. Since I'm going to be a starter this year, I've got to step it up and being mentally tough is a big part of it."


Why did you decide to go ahead and come in for the first summer session?
"I would have done it last year but I had to stay in junior college due to academics. I saw last year how much better I would have been if I had been able to work with the team last summer."

You look like you have gained a little weight. How much do you weigh?
"I'm up to 183. I was 177 when I first came in. I haven't gained much but I'm a lot stronger. We work the entire body. We now work on flexibility, speed...the total package. I'm really enjoying it. The weight room has helped me out a lot."

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