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Several Mississippi State players - Devrick Hampton, Kyle York, James Cochran - talked to Gene's Page about their summer workouts, whether they are trying to gain or lose weight and other issues.

Redshirt Freshman DL Devrick Hampton

You weigh 306 now, what are you trying to get down to?
"300. I'm trying to get down to 300 so I can be a lot quicker."

You don't look like you have much fat on you at all. Why do you want to lose down to 300?
"I'm just doing what the coach tells me to do (laugh). If he says get down to 300, then I'll get down to 300."

What did you weigh in high school?

How did you wind up gaining so much?
"With the other coaches, they wanted me to get to 295, so I gained to 295. As a redshirt, you get some reps in practice but not too many, so I gained an extra five pounds. When I left for the break, I gained about 3 more pounds."

I guess you are chomping at the bit to play since you redshirted last season?
"Right now they have me behind Big Ron, Ronald Fields. So I can't do anything but wait. My time will come eventually."

What was your max on the bench press and squat?
"The last time I benched I did 425. Then, we maxed out on squats but we had already done a lot of reps. My knees kind of gave out on me and I did something like 525. Although my knees are kind of weak, I'm not that weak."

What did you lift in high school?
"I bench pressed no more than 315."

Junior QB Kyle York

How's your shoulder rehab going?
"It's going well. I'm getting to where I am almost fully functional in the weightroom, which is a huge step. I feel I'm about 90% with the three step and the quick patterns. The deeper stuff, I'm probably 75 to 80%."

When do you expect to be 100%?
"My expectation is within the next three weeks. It's going to be an ongoing process. Even through August there are going to be endurance issues with the shoulder. When two-a-days roll around, the coaches may not let me throw both practices during the day as a precautionary measure. The most important thing right now is I feel a lot stronger and have a lot more velocity on the ball. And I'm not getting as sore as often. I threw five times in a row last week without any soreness."

Do you still feel you will have no problem learning the system?
"Obviously knowing the system is important, but the physical side is more important to me right now. I feel that if I apply myself to the mental aspects, I will be able to pick it up."

Do you feel you already understand most of the system?
"I think I have a good understanding of it. You can't make up for a lack of experience. That'll be something that I will have to work really hard at in August."

Are you getting to watch much film of the new offense? If so, are you having to watch Green Bay Packers games or are you watching something else?
"Fortunately, we have a spring under our belt that we can go back and watch. I'll start watching film either this week or next week to try and reinforce the things that Coach McCorvey has taught us over the past few months."

Sophomore OL James Cochran

What do you weigh?

Is that what you want to weigh?
"The coaches told me that they want me to be around 300 in August."

Are you happy with the physical condition that you are in?
"I'm not completely comfortable with it, but I feel like I will be ok when we start two-a-days."

What has OL Coach Grimes told you that he wants you to work on this summer?
"He definitely wants me to put on some muscle. He also wants me to work on my footwork."

What was your last max bench press and squat?
"In the spring my bench was 325. My squat was close to 500, although it wasn't quite 500."

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