MSU Players Updates, June 16th

Several Mississippi State players - Avery House, Brian Anderson - discuss things such as their weight losses or gains, their maximum bench and squat and what they are hoping to achieve this summer.

Junior OL Avery House

What do you weigh?
"I'm a little bit heavy this year. I feel like I'm carrying a little too much right now. I'm up to 305, but I'm trying to get down to 295."

What's your max bench and squat?
"I think mine was at 350 on the bench and something like 475 on the squat."

I've watched you during the conditioning drills and you seem to be leading the pack, along with Richard Burch.
"I feel like my stamina is pretty good right now. During the month off, I played a lot of basketball, trying to get back in shape. It seems to be working so far."

What has Coach Grimes told you that he would like to see you work on this summer?
"He told me that I need to work on my strength, my explosion and my flexibility. He said if I improve those, then I could help the team a little more."

What has helped you with your flexibility?
"The runs we are doing and the karate class that we are taking."

Sophomore OL Brian Anderson

You seemed to have gained some weight. What do you weigh right now?
"I weigh 320 right now."

Is that the highest you have ever weighed?
"Yeah. I also came back from Christmas and weighed 320, but I got that down to 308 before I left at the end of the spring."

What do the coaches want you to get down to?
"They have my reporting weight at 308, so that's what I have to get down to."

What were your max in the bench and squat?
"It was 465 in the squat and 265 in the bench."

265 is surprising for a guy your size.
"I know. I've never been one of those big, strong guys, but I'm trying to get stronger."

Other than your strength, what do the coaches want you to work on?
"He wants me to be more confident with the calls that I make at center, but the main thing they want me to work on is getting stronger."

You've never played center before, so how comfortable are you now after playing it in the spring?
"Coming out of spring, I felt like I had gotten a lot better at it. I feel a lot more comfortable than I did because of the reps that I got during the spring."

You've played so many positions while at State, have the coaches talked to you about playing more than just center next fall?
"They've told me I needed to know center and guard."

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