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Several Mississippi State players - Royce Blackledge, Omarr Conner, Rickey Wright- discuss things such as their weight losses or gains, their maximum bench and squat and what they are hoping to achieve this summer.

Redshirt freshman OL Royce Blackledge (6-4.5, 278)

What do you weigh right now?
"I weigh 278. I've put close to 15 pounds on since I've been here. Coach Nowell has done a really good job with our weight program and has really kept us in shape."

What does OL Coach J.B. Grimes want you to eventually weigh?
"Approximately 290. That's my ideal weight."

Do you feel you have kept your quickness despite the added weight?
"I feel like I have. I am slowly gaining my weight so I don't think it has hurt me."

What's the most that you weighed in high school?
"About 270."

Has Coach Grimes told you some things he wants you to specifically work on during the summer?
"Not really. He said that he wants me to keep doing the things that I have been doing and continue to work hard."

What do you think you need to work on?
"Speed and agility. I don't think you can ever be too fast."

What was your maximum bench and squat this spring?
"Back at the end of the spring, I did 315 about 6 times on the bench. That is equivalent to 365. On the squat I maxed out at 450."

What was your max in high school?
"About 285. I've really added a lot of strength since I've been here. Coach Nowell has done a really good job."

Sophomore QB Omarr Conner

What are you working on during the summer months?
"I'm just trying to get my timing down with the receivers and get my arm stronger. The reason for that is because during the spring my arm kept getting a little sore because I hadn't thrown in a long time. I'm also watching film and working on reading defenses."

Does your arm feel comfortable now?
"I feel real comfortable. After we went home for the summer, I was working out at the fieldhouse with (Noxubee County HS) Coach Miller and his team."

Redshirt freshman WR Rickey Wright

What do the coaches want you to work on this summer?
"Basically, they want me to work on my speed and keeping my weight down. He also told me if I learn the plays I will get a lot more playing time this year."

When did the coaches switch you from DB to wide receiver?
"They moved me the week of the spring game."

Did you play more wide receiver or DB in high school?
"I played both about the same."

Do you feel comfortable playing wide receiver?
"I feel real comfortable. I've been wanting to play it. I've been wanting to play wide receiver since I was little. This is my life."

So this is your dream come true?
"Yes sir, and I'm going to make sure it comes true."

What is your opinion of Omarr Conner as a QB?
"He is going to help us out a lot. He can do so much.We have a running quarterback. Because of that, the defenses won't know what to do."

Do you remember what your maximum bench and squat was during the spring?
"My bench was 335 on the bench and 455 on the squat."

Considering you are a wide receiver, I'm surprised you are as strong as you are. I thought you would say something like 250 to 260 on the bench.
"I came from a school (South Panola HS) that always works hard."

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