MSU's Front Four Ready to do Battle in the SEC

At the end of spring practice, Mississippi State's starting defensive front four ended up being senior Ronald Fields and redshirt freshman Corey Clark on the inside and junior Willie Evans and sophomore Deljuan Robinson on the outside.

Last year, Evans started 10 of 12 games and made 54 hits, 9th on the team. Fields, who started 2 more games than Evans, was just behind him on the tackles chart with 52. Robinson, a five-game starter, made 18 tackles, while Clark, who looked good during two-a-days, suffered a turf toe injury between the first and second games of the season that ended his freshman season before it even got started.

Mississippi State defensive line coach Brick Haley liked what he saw of his four starters during spring practice.

"Ronald Fields did a good job for us this spring," said Haley. "He came out and worked hard. He is a big, strong, physical young man who can do some really good things for us if he continues doing the things he did during the spring. He showed a lot of leadership this spring, and that needs to continue. Corey Clark had to do some maturing and growing up and I think he has started to get to that point. Willie Evans proved in the spring that he can be an adequate pass-rusher in this league. Deljuan Robinson, like Ronald, gave us great leadership during the spring. He came out and worked hard everyday."

Did he see any weaknesses from any of them during the spring that concerned him?

"The thing that worried us about (Evans) was that he was a little banged up this past spring," said Haley. "We have to do what we can to keep him healthy. (Fields) is a little heavy and his conditioning was not great. He has been dong a good job working on those two things. Right now, (Robinson's) body has to change so that he can be successful. I think he can be a very good run-blocker, but he needs to work on his pass-rushing."

What kind of potential did he see from the three underclassmen that gave him hope for the future?

"(Robinson) has a lot of athletic ability and has the body frame to play his position," said Haley. "His biggest strengths are probably his mental outlook and the desire he plays with. Willie Evans will be a guy on the edge that can give us a pass-rush. I also believe he will be a run-stopper. (Clark) can be a very good player for us in this league. We are going to put him out there and see how he reacts."

He also made an additional comment about something he saw in Robinson that he really liked.

"I like to think of Deljuan Robinson as one of those throwback players of the 1970's," said Haley. "He puts a hard hat on and just does his job. He has a great attitude and work ethic. He is the kind of guy you would take home and let your daughter meet."

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