Class of 2005 Prospect - MS QB Lee Swindle

Eupora High School Quarterback Lee Swindle (6-2, 185, 4.6) could wind up being one of the most highly recruited quarterbacks in the state of Mississippi his senior season after making what appear to be very favorable impressions at the college camps that he has attended this summer.

Lee Swindle Profile:

Swindle has attended three college football camps this summer - Ole Miss, Alabama and Mississippi State - with one to go, Southern Miss. He talked about how he did at the first three camps.

"I went to the Ole Miss camp first," said Swindle. "I don't think I did excellent at their Senior Camp, but the following Thursday they had the 7 on 7 camp and I think I did real good at it. Because there weren't enough players from Eupora with me, they had me alternate with Winona and Okolona. I think that was good for me because I wasn't really used to their routes. I had to think fast off my fifth and third step. It showed them that I could learn fast.

"After that, I went to the Alabama camp. I ended up running a 4.59 forty at the Alabama camp. That is the fastest that I have run this summer.

"The (Mississippi) State camp was the hardest working camp that I have been to. I guess they were just trying to see who had it in them to keep going when we got tired. I think the whole point was to see if the kids were mentally tough. I really liked it. It really showed me that they are looking hard to find kids that will work hard. I hit my spots while at State. I was real excited about how well I did. I really enjoyed it at State.

Swindle appeared to have made a very favorable impression on each of the head coaches at the schools.

"I talked to (Alabama head) Coach Shula quite a bit. He said I looked real good and that he hoped to see me again. He said there was no doubt that I have the arm strength and quick release. He said what he is looking for are kids that have accuracy. That is one thing he said about me, that I have a lot of accuracy and release the ball quickly.

"I liked (Mississippi State head) Coach Croom a lot. I talked to him a good bit at the beginning of the camp and after the camp. He is pretty much a straight-forward guy. He said I looked real good to him. He told us what he wants and that is hardnose football players. At the end of the camp he said he would be seeing me.

"As soon as I got (to the Ole Miss camp), I saw (Ole Miss head) Coach Cutcliffe. He told me he was glad to see me at the camp. Coach Cutcliffe said that I looked good and that he was ready to see me again."

When asked what schools he is most interested in, Swindle mentioned five that are atop his list at the moment.

"Right now, I would go with Ole Miss, Alabama, Southern Miss, Mississippi State and Louisville," said Swindle, who is doing fine in the classroom and shouldn't have any problem qualifying academically.

He then explained in a little more detail why he has those schools at the top of his list. Although he appears to be open to all five schools, based on what he said, two appear to be co-leaders.

"Right now, Alabama is my first pick. Their facilities are outstanding. They have everything. Their indoor facility is something else. Coach Shula was pretty straight up with me. He told me that it would come down to me and 6 or 7 other guys."

Ole Miss
"With Ole Miss building their new indoor facility, it might be something spectacular. My whole family is die-hard Ole Miss fans. We go to all of their home games. I love Ole Miss and there is no doubt that they are number 1 in my heart, but I'm not going to get carried away like most of my family does."

Southern Miss
"I would probably have to say that Southern and Louisville send me the most letters. I'm really looking forward to going to their (July) camp because they are showing a lot of interest in me. I'm always pulled for schools in Mississippi and I have a lot of respect for Southern Miss. I would like playing for them. I like their atmosphere."

Mississippi State
"I've been to a few of their games. I went to the Auburn game. I loved it at State. Other than they lost, I didn't see anything that I didn't like. I like Coach Croom a lot. I talked to him a good bit at the beginning of the camp and after the camp. He is pretty much a straight-forward guy."

"I don't really know a lot about them. They are just showing me so much interest. One day it'll be the offensive line coach introducing himself (in a letter), then the next day it'll be the linebacker coach."

I'll continue following Swindle as his recruiting heats up.

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