Class of 2005 Prospect - MS QB Jimmy Johns

Brookhaven High School quarterback Jimmy Johns (6-foot-3, 230, 4.7) gives Gene's Page a recruiting update, including naming his current top two teams.

Jimmy Johns Profile

Have you earned any preseason honors since we last talked?
"I was selected to the (Clarion-Ledger) Dandy Dozen."

What camps have you attended this summer?
"I was selected to go to the Steve McNair Camp and attended it. I actually met (Steve McNair). I loved it. That was awesome because he is my idol. Everything I do I try to do the way he would."

What was it like meeting him for the first time?
"I was starstruck. I was nervous about it."

What was he like?
"He was a down-to-earth guy. Even though he was co-MVP of the NFL, that didn't change him. He was just a normal guy. After he started talking to me, it was easy to talk to him."

Did he give you any pointers?
"He showed me some things like a speed drop that will help me get back in the pocket faster. I used it and it really worked. I'm going to try doing it this year."

Have you gone to any other camps or on any unofficial visits?
"I went on one unofficial visit and that was to Memphis. One day this week I'm going to try to get to Mississippi State. I'm also thinking about Auburn."

Do you have a list of 5 or 6 teams that you are interested in?
"My top two are Mississippi State and Auburn. They are my top two right now."

Do you have any others that you like?
"I like several but I'm going to wait until my official visits come around before I really know."

Going back to your top two, what is it about each one that you like so much?
"I like talking to the coaches. They are so down-to-earth and upfront. Both coaches told me that I have the opportunity to play right out of high school. I know all coaches say that, but I know Auburn's quarterback is leaving after this year and both teams are going to the West Coast offense. That's the same offense that our high school runs. We run four wides and one back."

You mentioned that you like the coaches. Who are the coaches that you are referring to?
"My recruiting coaches are Coach Beamer from Mississippi State and Coach Dunn from Auburn."

What happens with recruiting once the season starts?
"As far as recruiting, I'm not even worried about it. I kind of know in my mind where I want to go, but I'm not really worried about it. I'm going to focus on one thing and that is win a state championship. I want us to be the first team from Brookhaven to ever do it."

When does your football practice start?
"We have one more summer practice tomorrow (Thursday), then we have a week off and start the next Monday."

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