State Still Awaiting NCAA Report

The biggest background buzz at MSU's preseason football press conference wasn't players and gameplans. It was a report, aired Tuesday night on local television stations, that the NCAA infractions committee had sent Mississippi State a final ruling on sanctions from the two-year investigation into Bulldog football.

It turned out the report was incorrect and no such correspondence has been received by the MSU administration. Under NCAA protocol any such notice would be sent to the University president first, then circulated to the athletic staff. Only after 24 hours would the NCAA then make any public announcement.

By the time Coach Sylvester Croom took the podium at noon the rumor had been squelched among attending media, though the 'story' ran the rounds of message boards all morning. And Croom pre-empted any further questions on the subject by bringing it up himself in opening remarks.

"I don't know when that is going to be announced," the coach said of potential rulings and sanctions. "But as I've said, whenever that comes about - I hope it does prior to our game with Tulane - but whenever it does we'll have a victory party around here. Because at least it will be over and I'll feel we have won, whatever it is. And we'll move forward from there."

MSU officials would not comment on the record, but the current consensus is that the rulings now might not arrive until the end of August, if that soon. State appeared before the committee in Indianapolis on June 17, and the NCAA allows up to 90 days for a final report to be issued.

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