Shane Beamer: Like Father, Like Son

Like father, like son.<P> There's not a better cliché describing the up and coming coaching career of Shane Beamer.<P> The first-year Mississippi State recruiting coordinator/cornerbacks coach has been around the gridiron all 27 years of his life.<P> What else would you expect from the son of current Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer?

After playing for his father five years in Blacksburg, Va., Beamer remained in football and turned his attention to the coaching ranks. "It is," said Beamer about the luxury of having father-son gridiron discussions. "It's a good sounding board because he's a guy I can ask questions. Coming up through coaching, he was a defensive back and a defensive back coach as well. So that's an added bonus with me coaching that position now. He's been a big help and I know he's there when I need to call him. It's made our relationship closer through football and it's a good resource to have."

Beamer worked with defensive backs the past three seasons at Tennessee, and earned his master's degree in Knoxville, Tenn.

Although he still works with the secondary in Starkville, Beamer added another title he tackled with a passion.

"The recruiting part of it is a different aspect," said Beamer. "It probably gets more credit than it deserves. I really just direct traffic throughout the office, distribute and watch video tapes, then get them to the coach in that recruiting area. But it's good and always good to have a title that I take very seriously."

Beamer noted his young age, and how it pays dividends on the field and with the recruitment aspect.

"I feel like I'm relating to these guys because I'm not far removed from my playing days," said Beamer. "It's good to be 27 and be able to relate to these guys in a lot of ways.

"And the coaching aspect of it has been great. I've been a graduate assistant at some very good programs. Plus I grew up around a successful program in Virginia Tech. I know I've been exposed to some good teams, and had the chance to work with defensive backs."

And for Beamer to just make note of his successful background may be an understatement. The former deep snapper at Virginia Tech has experienced a bowl game every year he's been on the field – as a player and coach.

During his playing days, Beamer was a part of five bowls (he redshirted during Tech's 1995 Sugar Bowl). Within the span of 1995-99, Beamer was a part of three Big East championship teams, including his junior season which finished with the Hokies ranked second nationally.

And his initial coaching stop at Georgia Tech concluded with a berth in the Peach Bowl in 2000.

Add the past three bowl trips with the Volunteers, and Beamer is batting 1.000 in postseason play. With his past success, Beamer also saw another window open when Sylvester Croom gave him a call in the spring.

"This situation came up and it was an unbelievable opportunity," said Beamer. "I'm very excited to be here and work with the people of Mississippi State. I've been overwhelmed by the support and excitement of this staff."

Beamer's positive outlook continued with the Class of 2004. With the staff just getting fully intact, the recent signing class encouraged Beamer after they arrived on campus.

"Everybody got in late last year but the guys already here, Jim Tompkins and Rockey Felker, really held things together," said Beamer. "We don't put much stock in all those recruiting rankings at all. We got a class we felt real good about when we signed them and now feel really, really good about after a few days of practice. We know we have some guys that weren't highly recruited but are guys that will be players in the future and now. And we felt we signed good people.

"This year's class is very critical. The only way they will know is the way that we will teach team. They are the foundation for the future of this program."

Beamer also wants to expand State's "home base" to surrounding states and metropolitan cities. He acknowledged the importance of recruiting and getting the best from the Magnolia State, and this year's crop is fruitful as always.

"Mississippi is always going to have good players," said Beamer. "We have a lot to sell with Coach Croom and his staff, the facilities and program, overall. We should get the top players year-in and year-out in this state and that's what we're trying to do. The talent level in this state is as good as always.

"We have a list of target positions and there are players in this state at those positions. There are a lot of guys in Mississippi we've targeted. But we also want to make Atlanta, New Orleans and the state of Alabama almost like home areas for us. With as close as Alabama is and the connections that we have, we want that as a home state."

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