Gene's Page is very pleased to announce its newest addition, the Gene's Page MSU Events Calendar. The calendar, which is located in the free-site skuttle-butt section on the front page, will be used to keep all of you up-to-date on all the sports and alumni events happening in Bulldogland. We truly feel it will be a huge asset to our page and hope that all of you will enjoy it.

Mary Ann has been working on it the past couple of weeks, setting it up and adding events, including MSU schedules (she has a few more schedules to add) and alumni events. We have even added the sports signing dates and the SEC basketball tournaments to it (the baseball tournament will be added when it becomes available) and will also add events such as Super Bulldog Weekend and other similar MSU-related events.

If you have an upcoming alumni event or other MSU-related event, please email it to Mary Ann. Just click on her name, which is located at the bottom of the calendar on the left-hand side. That takes you to her email address, which is

The calendar is easy to use. Although the current month will always show up with the current day highlighted in yellow, there are links on the top left-hand and top right-hand sides that will take you to other months and years. There are a couple of other buttons as well. Just use your mouse to put your pointer over each button to see what each one does. Don't be afraid to click on each button to see what they do. You can also use your mouse to put your pointer over each event to see a short description of the event. After a second or two, a little pop-up window will appear with the event listed. To go to the actual event with the complete information, all you have to do is simply click on the event. Once you have read about the event, click your back button to get back to the month you were in.

We hope you find the calendar very informative and helpful and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Have a great Bulldog week.

Gene and Mary Ann Swindoll

Gene Swindoll is the owner of Gene's Page, the unofficial source for Mississippi State sports on the internet. The URL for Gene's Page is You can contact him by emailing

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