Post-Scrimmage Comments

Several Mississippi State players and MSU wide receiver coach Guy Holliday commented on Saturday's scrimmage.

Wide receiver coach Guy Holliday

Talk about the play of Will Prosser today.
"He and McKinley (Scott) have really stepped up. He is having an outstanding camp. He has earned the right to start."

Were you happy or disappointed with the overall play of your receivers?
"As receivers, we had some drops. And that is disappointing. Players make plays. So, yeah, I'm disappointed. Our young guys aren't quite where they need to be. And we need to get some people healthy. We need to get Joey Sanders healthy. And (Jason) Husband is out."

What did you think about the overall play of true freshmen Keon Humphries and Jonathan Lowe?
"The thing that is disappointing is they aren't grasping where to line up and when to line up. I think some of it is a little overwhelming to them. But you can see, due to a couple of catches that Jonathan made, that he definitely has physical talent. But it's just how quickly he can grasp the system and be in the right place at the right time. They are 17 and 18 year old kids and everybody matures at a different rate."

Something that surprises me is several of the players said they got tired during the scrimmage and need to be in better condition.
"We have been blessed as far as nice, cool weather. And it was humid today. When you are running the energy you do during a scrimmage, you sometimes get drained. I don't think it is as much conditioning as it is being in this type atmosphere and setting."

Sophomore quarterback Omarr Conner

What did you think about today's scrimmage overall?
"I think we did a great job today. At times, we got a little sluggish where it was almost like we were walking. We also didn't execute at times. But we are going to go in Monday, watch film and get it back to where it belongs."

How did the defense do today?
"They did a good job. Everyday, the defense brings their game. They are playing hard. We have to play hard with them."

Do you think the defensive line is the strongest part of the team right now?
"They are the strongest (position) on the team."

Talk about your overall performance today.
"I did a lot of great things today, but I've got a lot of things I have to work on. At times, I got a little happy (feet), but at other times I settled myself down. I just have to keep watching film and continue to trust my offensive line."

Do you feel you have improved a lot since the spring?
"Yes sir, I think I have come a long way. I settled myself down. I don't rush myself into something now. With this offense, everything is timing. You take your three steps and throw the ball."

None of your passes were close to being intercepted today. Did you make a concentrated effort to make sure none of your passes were thrown where they could be intercepted?
"Yes sir, I came out today focusing on that. I came out trying to read the defenses and the coverages, knowing what was man and what was zone. I think the receivers did a great job of finding the zones and reading their man."

Freshman wide receiver Jonathan Lowe

How do you think you did in your first college scrimmage?
"Basically, I think I did pretty good overall. There were a couple of little things that I have to work on like knowing when I'm on and off the ball and motions. But, overall, I think I did pretty good for a first full scrimmage."

Were you a little tentative since it was your first scrimmage?
"Actually, I was a little surprised that I wasn't (tentative). Usually, before a high school game I get a little nervous, but today, coming out, I wasn't nervous at all. I don't know if that is a good thing of bad thing."

Redshirt freshman tight end Eric Butler

How do you feel you did your first scrimmage?
"For the first scrimmage it was alright, but I could have been better. I just tried to come out and work hard, but I could feel myself loafing sometimes. I think I was taking some plays off. I'm trying to get to the point where I can go all out for four quarters. Coach Croom stresses that we work hard in the fourth quarter."

Redshirt freshman tight end Dezmond Sherrod

Talk a little about your first training camp scrimmage?
"I don't think I gave my best effort every single down. There were plays where I would go hard and other plays where I didn't due to fatigue and being tired. One of the things that I need to work on is being able to go hard all four quarters."

Do you know all the plays?
"I believe I got all my assignments right."

Redshirt freshman running back Rickey Wright

You seem such a natural at running back. Did you play running back in high school?
"No sir. I played quarterback and we usually ran the ball."

Did you feel comfortable playing running back today?
"Yes sir, I felt very comfortable. I was ready for anything that happened."

Are you happier being a running back than being a wide receiver, especially since you are in on more action?
"Yes sir. As long as (Coach Croom) knows what is best for the team and where I can help out the team, I'm happy."

Sophomore wide receiver Will Prosser

Overall, do you feel comfortable at receiver after never having played it until you got to Mississippi State?
"I do. I finally feel mature enough where I feel comfortable at receiver. I've got my playbook down during the spring and summer. And that has really helped me know where to be."

You made a great catch for a touchdown. Talk about that play from the time you left the line of scrimmage.
"I knew the play went to E-choice and I was in at the E-receiver. So, I knew I was the number one read. They had cover three going, so I knew, more than likely, it was going to come to me if I could get open on the corner. I happened to get inside of him and Kyle (York) did a good job of eluding a guy in the backfield and finding me. I was able to adjust on the ball."

What do you think you still need to work on?
"Conditioning. I got real tired today."

I'm surprised you would say that. I thought you guys were in really good condition.
"We conditioned hard this summer, but there are different types of conditioning. There is summer running and actually playing in games. Those are two different types of conditioning."

Sophomore strong safety Quinton Culberson

You made some hits on players today at strong safety. Are you happy to be playing a position where it allows you to be more in the action?
"Yeah, I'm happy to be back there. Coach Croom said it would be a good decision for me to be there. He said he needed me close to the ball, so I'm going to work hard at it and try to be the best player I can at that position."

Do you feel comfortable playing strong safety?
"I felt pretty comfortable, but I've got to learn my plays better. Hopefully, before the season starts September 4th I will know all my plays and have everything down."

Redshirt freshman defensive tackle Corey Clark

How did the defense do today?
"Our effort can be much better."

Talk about the goal line situations during today's scrimmage.
"When you are on the goal line, that is when you have to get down at it. That is the hardest place to play on the football field for the defense. You have to come with it or it's an easy touchdown."

How did you do today? You seem to make some plays early on.
"At the beginning of the scrimmage I was making tackles and where I wanted to be. Toward the end I had less effort. I don't think I am where I want to be right now. I'm going to keep working on that because, as a starter, I have to play up to a higher level."

  • Andrews 37 FG
  • Andrews 30 FG
  • Andrews 36 FG
  • Carlson 42 FG
  • Andrews 27 FG
  • Jude 3 run (Gambrell kick)
  • Andrews 32 FG
  • Prosser 17 pass from York (Andrews kick)
  • Carlson 28 FG
  • Andrews 32 FG
  • Butler 9 pass from Conner (no PAT attempt)
  • Cross 3 pass from York (no PAT attempt)
  • Brooks 3 run (no PAT attempt)
  • R.Wright 2 run (no PAT attempt)


    RUSHING-Jude 10-22 TD, Norwood 6-19, R.Wright 12-17 TD, Nelson 3-7, Reid 4-2, Brooks 3-1, Conner 3-(-5), York 1-(-5), Henig 2-(-19).

    PASSING-Conner 18-30-0-171 2TD, York 6-12-1-39 2TD, Henig 4-12-0-23, Nelson 1-1-0-7.

    RECEIVING-Butler 4-41 TD, Sherrod 4-32, Norwood 3-30, B.Davis 3-21 TD, D.Jones 2-29, Milons 2-21, Prosser 2-20 TD, R.Wright 2-17, B.Wright 2-15, Jude 2-0, Burns 1-7, Lowe 1-4, Cross 1-3 TD.

    PUNTING-J.Cook 6-41.3, Crabtree 1-37.0.

    TACKLES- Culberson 7, Evans 7, Bennett 6, Dockery 6, Fields 5, Horton 4, Ja.Johnson 4, Je.Johnson 4, Kern 4, McDougal 4, Swain 4, Griffith 3, Hannibal 3, Powell 3, Walker 3, Williams 3, Bobo 2, Brown 2, Byrdsong 2, Clark 2, Hill 2, Akines 1, Griffin 1, M.Heard 1, Littlejohn 1, Robinson 1, Upton 1.

    SACKS-Hannibal 2-19, McKinley 1-12, Dockery 1-9, Evans 1-8, Swain 1-5, Powell 0.5-8, Strauder 0.5-8.

    TACKLES FOR LOSS-Hannibal 2-19, Evans 2-9, Swain 2-7, Horton 2-4, Powell 1.5-13, McKinley 1-12, Dockery 1-9, Bennett 1-5, Clark 1-1, Strauder 0.5-8.

    INTERCEPTIONS-Dockery 1-0.

    PASS BREAKUPS-Bennett 1, Ja.Johnson 1, Je.Johnson 1, McKinley 1.

    CAUSED FUMBLE-Littlejohn 1.

    RECOVERED FUMBLE-Bennett 1-0.

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