Richard and Reginald Delk Talk Recruiting

Reginald and Richard Delk, two of the top high school basketball players in the nation, will be taking their first official visit this weekend. Mississippi State is the lucky school. They talked about what they like about Mississippi State, other schools that they will officially visit, going through the recuriting process together and a few other things.

Richard Delk and Reginald Delk Profiles:

According to TheInsiders, you two are expected to officially visit Mississippi State this coming weekend. Are you still visting Mississippi State this weekend?
Reginald - "Yes, we are."

What was it about Mississippi State that caused you to become so interested in them?
Richard "Basically, they have been there the longest. They have been recruiting us probably the hardest."

Does recruiting you the hardest mean they have been coming to all or most of your games during the summer?
Reginald "Yes, they have been coming to probably all of our AAU games. We also had another tournament going on in Clarksdale and the Las Vegas Tournament and (MSU head) Coach (Rick) Stansbury was there to see us. That was very important."

Who is the Mississippi State assistant coach recruiting you?
Richard "Coach (Phil) Cunningham."

Have you two been to a Mississippi State summer basketball camp? If so, what did you think about their coaches?
Richard "Yes, we went to their summer camp this past summer. We got to know them a little bit. They are real nice guys and somebody that you can learn from."

What were your impressions of Mississippi State and the town of Starkville?
Richard "We were there about two days. We got to see the campus but not much of the town. The campus was a pretty big campus, a pretty nice campus."

Has Mississippi State talked to you about coming in and playing early? Reginald "Yes, they told us that we will have a good opportunity to play early and come in and help the team."

Have you looked at the depth of the Mississippi State roster to see who they have coming back and who is leaving after this year?
Reginald "Yes we have. I think it is a pretty good situation. We could come in and help the team out."

What other schools are you two going to officially visit other than Mississippi State?
Reginald "We have set up visits to Auburn, UAB, Ole Miss and Tennessee."

I know from reading past articles that you two want to sign with the same school. Have all of the schools you are going to visit said they want to sign both of you?
Richard "Yes."

What are you looking for in a school?
Richard "Basically, playing time and getting a good education."

Which of you is the shooting guard and which is the point guard?
Richard "I'm a point guard and Reginald is the shooting guard."

I'm asking both of you this questions, what are your strong points and what do you feel you need to work on?
Richard "I dribble the ball good for my height. I can shoot the ball pretty good, too. My mid-range game is pretty good also. What I need to work on is my strength."

Reginald "My strengths are shooting the ball, scoring, driving. My weakness is probably needing to work on my strength."

You two are in a unique situation where you have someone else going through the recruiting process with you. Most guys have to go through it by themselves. How has that helped?
Richard "We get to sit down and talk about it. We talk to each other about what we like and don't like about it. That's an advantage right there."

Reginald "I think the same thing."

Are you guys identical twins?
Reginald "No, fraternal."

Who is the oldest?
Reginald "Richard, by 30 minutes."

What other schools are you two going to officially visit other than Mississippi State?
Reginald "We have set up visits to Auburn, UAB, Ole Miss and Tennessee."

Do you have a pecking order with the schools you are considering or is everybody about even?
Richard "Basically, everybody is even until we can get there and see all the campuses."

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