Class of 2005 Prospect - MS OL/DL Calvin Wilson

Calvin Wilson (Hattiesburg HS, 6-6.5, 320, 5.2), one of the top offensive linemen in the state of Mississippi, talked about his unofficial visit to Mississippi State this past weekend.

Calvin Wilson Profile:

Was the game Saturday night the first time that you have gotten to see Mississippi State play in person? If so, what were your overall impressions of them?
"Yes sir. I enjoyed it. I wouldn't mind being a part of something like that."

Were they different that what you were expecting?
"Yes sir, I didn't expect them to be that good. They are a good team, a real good team. I thought it was going to be a rebuilding team but they are a really good team."

Did it surprise you that they played so well and such disciplined ball?
"Not really, because I have been reading a lot about Coach Croom. He is a very strict coach, so I wasn't surprised."

In your mind, is his being a strict coach a positive?
"Yes sir."

Is that something you are looking for in a coach?
"Yes sir."

Did the Mississippi State coaches get to talk to you much during your visit?
"Yes sir, they talked to me about how impressed they are with me and how they would like for me to play for them. All the coaches were really nice. I talked to all of them."

When did you get to talk to Coach Croom?
"I talked to him before the game and after the game. I went to his office in the coaches locker room."

What did he talk to you about?
"He said I have a good chance to come up and play my freshman year if I decide to come up there. And he told me how much he likes the way I play. He said he came down to one of my spring practices and how much he was impressed with me."

Is playing early a priority for you?
"Yes sir, I would love to come up and play early and try to get better every year I play."

What coaches have called you since September 1st?
"Coach Muschamp from LSU, Coach Dunn from Auburn, Coach Rodrigue from USM and (USM Head) Coach Bower called last night. Coach Kitchens called from Mississippi State. Coach Luke called from Ole Miss. Coach Trickett from West Virginia. And Coach McCall from Marshall."

It sounds like you have been receiving calls about every night.
"Last week they all called on the same day."

Did any of them wake you up early that morning?
"Coach Kitchens called at 6:40 (laugh). I was up already, though. I got up at 6:20."

What did you think about a coach calling you that early on the first day they could call?
"It made me feel good. It impressed me a lot because he took time away from his early morning schedule just to call me. That impressed me a lot."

What did he talk about?
"He talked about how much they would like for me to come to Mississippi State and told me about the opportunities I would have if I decided to go there."

Now that you've had the chance to talk to all the coaches at Mississippi State, visit their campus and see their team play, how does that affect your feelings about them?
"They are a very legitimate contender for me to come up there and play. For the coaches to just come up to me and talk to me, that was really good. All of them knew me and all of them talked to my mom."

What did your mom say about the visit as you were riding home?
"She loved it."

Did she have any preconceived ideas about Mississippi State that were changed during the visit?
"No, she has always liked Mississippi State once they got Coach Croom. All she was concerned about was the probation isssue."

Did they talk about that during your visit?
"They said they will know something within the next two weeks. They said if I came up there and played, it wouldn't affect all four of those years."

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