[Premium article] He is 6-1, 240-lbs, runs the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds, benches 335 lbs and has already scored a 22 on his ACT. With all these attributes, one might think this would be an intro for Superman without the it's a bird, it's a plane.....Folks, let me introduce you to Ruben Mayes from Ridgeway High School (Memphis, TN).

Ruben has started on the varsity squad since the 9th grade. In 2001, Ruben was a fullback/defensive end for his team and rushed for roughly 1,300 yards. He also picked up 7 quarterback sacks in his time spent at defensive end.

From a coach's perspective, Ruben has the right outlook for a fullback. When speaking about his duties, Ruben said, "I do not care whether I run the football or block, as long as we get the ‘W' (win)."

Ruben's list of would-be suitors include Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Memphis, Mississippi, LSU, and Iowa. "All have offered me scholarships, and Tennessee, Arkansas, and Memphis seem to be recruiting me the hardest" He has visited Arkansas and will visit Memphis December 16 and Tennessee January 11. He did not say who his final lucky two would be or when he would take those visits.

Coaches recruiting Ruben are McCorvey (Tenn.), Danny Nutt (Ark.), Whitt and Helton (Memphis); Roper (Miss.), Harbison (LSU), and Lewis (Miss. State). In-home visits that he has had are Fulmer (Dec. 11th) and Coach Sherrill and Coach Lewis (Dec. 12th) and Coach Aiken (Did not say when).

When asked if he thought he could go up to the "Land of the Corn" (Iowa) and play football, Ruben responded with a laugh and this comment; "It would be hard, It would be hard. It would be hard to leave the SEC."

Everyone is recruiting Ruben as a fullback with the exception of LSU, who is interested in him as a linebacker.

Charles Johnson is a recruiting correspondent for Gene's Page (, the unofficial source for Mississippi State sports on the internet.

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