Postgame Comments From MSU Players

Mississippi State football players-Eric Butler, Andrew Powell, Omarr Conner, Clarence McDougal- talked to the media about their 9-7 loss to the Maine Black Bears.

Tight End Eric Butler

Talk about the feelings in the locker room right now?
"It is very quiet. Everybody is down right now. We know we came out and did all the wrong things. When you get in the redzone you have to put some kind of points on the board and we weren't able to do that."

How do you think you will you respond Monday?
"We just have to come out and be ready to work. We have a big SEC game Saturday, so we have to come out and work hard."

Do you feel this game is the low point of your career, high school or college?
"Not really. They may be from a lower division, but they are pretty good. They are one of the top teams in D-IAA and on any given night a team can come out and beat you."

What did Coach Croom talk to you guys about in the locker room after the game?
"He told us to keep our heads up and come out ready to work next week."

Defensive tackle Andrew Powell

Are you in a state of shock after losing this game?
"Yes sir."

Do you think you guys came in overconfident?
"We didn't come in overconfident. We knew they were going to be a good team. We knew they would come in and bring it to us, but it's just that we didn't get it done, basically."

Quarterback Omarr Conner

How do you feel right now, stunned, disappointed or surprised?
"I am disappointed. I'm hurt, because I didn't do the things to lead my team tonight. I just have to go back and try to get better everyday."

How do you think this team will respond to this loss?
"I think we will respond well. This just shows us that we have to work a little bit harder everyday."

What was the most frustrating aspect of the game?
"Losing, to be perfectly honest. We worked so hard and right now we are on the losing end of the stick. Everybody has to keep their head up, practice hard and get this program to where it belongs."

Talk about how big the turnovers and the missed field goal in the redzone were?
"Those were big. Those were opportunities that we have to capitalize on."

What happened to your left arm?
"The dude just threw me on it. I sprained my AC. I'll be fine, though."

Were you surprised how well they contained the running game?
"They did a great job. Our hats are off to Maine. Their coaches had them well-prepared. They came in and made plays."

Did you guys hear the boos from the stands? If so, do you pay attention to them?
"No, it's all about the Bulldogs. Those people go on the practice field with us everyday. We still love our fans. We go out and work hard as one soul, the team."

Did you feel like they were blitzing you just about every play?
"They just about blitzed every play. They disguised it really well. They knew I was the type quarterback that got out of the pocket and made plays. And they did a good job of containing me."

Is this the most disappointing game of your career, high school or college?
"I think it is. I let my teammates down tonight. I didn't lead my team like I was supposed to as the quarterback. I didn't make the plays that my team needed from me. I just have to go back Monday morning and pick it up."

How difficult is it to continue working hard while you continue to loss?
"It is not hard. It is a new beginning. This is a new era."

Linebacker Clarence McDougal
Talk about the game.
They got a little momentum and they just started hitting plays. On one of those long plays, Slovakia Griffith fell down on a long catch. On another one, (Mario) Bobo was on a man, but he just made a good little catch at the end. They got the momentum and it just rolled on from there.

What was the locker room like after the game?
Sad, disappointed. There were just a lot of heads down. It was not a good feeling knowing that we lost to a Division I-AA team. They're good, but I don't know, they just came out and made plays.

Would embarrassing be a word to describe this loss?
Yes, embarrassing. They fought hard, and we kept them in the game. When you let teams stay in the game like that, they'll sneak up and win. And that's what they did.

How do you think you guys will respond to this?
Well, we've got to go back and come out next week, Monday, fighting. We've got to come out hard. Our backs are against the wall. We're going into SEC play. We've just got to get better all-around.

You guys made a beeline right to the locker room running immediately after the game. Is that how frustrated you and everybody were?
Yes, we're disappointed. I just had to get out of there. We lost. I don't like to lose. I'm just tired of it. We've got to go back to the drawing board. I don't like to lose.

You have to go from a team like this and then play an LSU team, defending national champions and conference champions. Is five days long enough to get ready for this next game?
I hope so. LSU is a great team. I just hope we come out and play a better all-around game. And just play harder and just finish plays.

Is this the toughest loss that you guys have had to deal with?
This has got to be the toughest loss. They played great, but this has got to be one of the toughest losses in school history.

How in your mind do you guys keep from saying here we go again, back to the last 3 years?
We have just got to keep fighting, just come out and play hard, refocus and play better. That's all we can do.

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