Matt Fast Talks Recruiting

Matt Fast (Oak Grove HS, 5-8, 160), the premier high school senior golfer in the state of Mississippi, talked recruiting with Gene's Page. Fast, who is ranked 44th in the nation by Golf Week Magazine, talked about the schools he is interested in, who he has scholarship offers from and what schools he has and will officially visit.

What part of your game do you feel you are best at right now?
"I would probably say my long game is better. I weighed 140 in February but I started working out and gained 20 pounds. I now hit it about 20 to 25 yards farther. I hit it about 290, which is up from about 270. I work with V. J. Trolio at Old Waverly a weekend or two each month. My short game is also pretty good. I use a thing called the putting arch. I've been using it for about 4 years and shot my lowest round ever, a 61, about 2 months ago at Cambridge. The par on that course is 71."

As far as recruiting is concerned, what schools are you most interested in?
"Mississippi State, Oklahoma State and South Alabama."

Have they offered scholarships?
"Yes sir."

What schools have made recruiting calls to you other than those three?
"Ole Miss, Alabama, UAB, Tulane and Southern (Miss)."

What schools have you visited?
"I have officially visited Mississippi State. I have (unofficially) visited Alabama and South Alabama. I am making an official visit to South Alabama in the next couple of weeks. I am supposed to go to Oklahoma State October 15th when they play Texas A&M, but I'm not sure I am going."

What did you think about your visit to Mississippi State?
"The visit went good. I had a good time. I like Coach (Clay) Homan. They haven't been that great the last few years, but I know the years before that they were real good. And Coach Homan played for them during that period, so he knows what it takes to be the best in the SEC. I also got to know a few guys on the team a little bit better. I already knew Jake Lambert and Josh Oller that came in there this year. I also knew a couple of names of some guys and got to know them a little bit better and got to hang out with them.

"I kind of grew up going to Mississippi State games and kind of grew up a fan of Mississippi State. I moved to Hattiesburg when I was 13 or 14 years old. The first game I went to was the Mississippi State-Florida game when (MSU) beat them. It was awesome."

When did Mississippi State offer you a scholarship?
"I went on an unofficial visit when LSU basketball came to Mississippi State. I believe it was in February. They offered me then. I was excited about it but I told them I wanted to play the summer to see how well I could play and that I would keep in touch.

"I played very good during the beginning of the summer and won a couple of tournaments. Then, toward the end of the summer, I didn't play as good as I wanted to but still got a few top 10's. I talked to Coach Homan and the golf scholarship offer increased. That's where we are right now."

Obviously with a scholarship offer from him, Coach Homan must really like you. What did he say that he likes about your game?
"He likes how I handle myself on the golf course, like when something bad happens I don't get upset about it."

Are you leaning to one of the three schools over the other two?
"It's pretty much between Mississippi State and South Alabama."

What will be the deciding factors as to which school you will choose?
"First of all the opportunity to go ahead and get in the lineup and play. The second thing is the coach. I like both coaches a lot, Coach Ben Hannan from South Alabama and Coach Homan from State. I also look at the practice facilities. I have Old Waverly and MSU at State and they have a couple of courses down in South Alabama that are real good. And finally a place where I can get better and improve each year. State is going to be good and South Alabama is going to be good."

Will having Coach Trolio at Old Waverly factor into your decision?
"Having V. J. Trolio up there and only 20 minutes away will factor into it. I have a real good friend on South Alabama's team that goes to (Trolio). He's from Oxford (Mississippi). He's a freshman at South Alabama. So, I guess those two things even out."

Do you have any relatives that have any connections to either school?
"My great granddad played football at State. My dad went to Arizona State and my mom went to Southern (Miss)."

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