Class of 2005 Prospect - MSU DE/LB Charles Burns

Charles Burns (Hattiesburg HS, 6-3, 240, 4.7), who is now up to five scholarship offers, talks recruiting with Gene's Page, including where Mississippi State fits into his recruiting picture.

Charles Burns Profile:

What colleges have called you since coaches could start calling?
"The same ones over and over, West Virginia, Ole Miss and Mississippi State. Someone else called yesterday. My dad said it was Memphis.

"I can tell you my favorite two schools right now, easy. Well, my favorite three."

Who are they?
"Mississippi State, West Virginia and Ole Miss."

Do you have them in any kind of order?
"Yeah, I like Mississippi State the best right now."

Who is second?
"West Virginia."

What schools have offered you a scholarship?
"Notre Dame, West Virginia, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Marshall."

With Mississippi State losing to Maine and losing to LSU and Auburn, does that effect your feeling about them one way or the other?
"Well, it just makes me feel like that everybody makes mistakes and they are kind of low on their program. I know what they are going through. I've been through it with years like that in high school. I feel like I can help them win.

"Here's how it is. I've heard people say, 'you see how they are losing and you still want to go there?' It just makes me feel you just need to work harder. I don't want to go where there are a bunch of star players. I want to go where you can work hard and get to play the star players like LSU."

So, playing as a freshman is important to you?
"No, I don't mind redshirting. To me, I feel like I need to be more healthy. But if coach and them feel like I'm ready, I'll be ready."

You mentioned your three favorites. What do you like about each one?

Mississippi State
"Coach Croom is the first black football coach in the SEC. He made history. I had a situation like that (at Hatttiesburg High School) with Coach Ector. In the community they say a black football coach, if he doesn't win, will get fired real fast. They always say he won't be there long. I don't like that. It makes me mad for people to think like that, to think negative like that.

"I fell in love with Coach Kitchens. (Coach Kitchens recruits Charles for MSU.-Gene) He is straight up. When he talks, he talks business. He doesn't hid anything. He just talks and expresses the way he feels. He is just a nice guy.

"I've been liking Mississippi State."

West Virginia
"I just like the way they are playing. When I see them on tv, they have been doing a real good job. I like Coach Trickett (Coach Trickett recruits Charles for West Va.-Gene)."

Ole Miss
"I went to their camp. I like their school. I got to meet Coach Cutcliffe. Coach Cutcliffe called me to the side. There were like 200 to 300 kids there and he picked about 15 to talk to him and I was one of them. That made me feel good about myself."

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