Class of 2005 Prospect - MS OL/DL Calvin Wilson

Calvin Wilson (Hattiesburg HS, 6-6.5, 320, 5.2), who has eight scholarship offers, talked about the teams he is most interested in, including Mississippi State.

Calvin Wilson Profile:

What schools have called you since September 1st?
"Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, West Virginia, Marshall, USM and Florida."

What colleges have offered scholarships?
"West Virginia, Marshall, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, USM, LSU, Auburn and Tennessee."

Which schools would you say are your favorites right now?
"Mississippi State, Ole Miss, LSU, Auburn and West Virginia."

Which schools do you feel like you will officially visit?
"Mississippi State, Auburn, Ole Miss, LSU and I might go to West Virginia."

What is it about Mississippi State that makes them one of your favorites?
"Because they have a really good coaching staff, Coach Croom and all the other coaches, Coach Grimes and Coach Kitchens. They really look like they are are going to start coming up after this season and they get a good recruiting class."

What are their coaches telling you when it comes to recruiting?
"They told me as soon as I sign a scholarship, if I do, that I will be second on the depth chart right off the bat."

How does that make you feel?
"It makes me feel pretty good. All the hard work that I have done is starting to pay off."

If you have talked to Coach Croom, what did he say he likes about you?
"He just said that I am a good kid with a great attitude and that I am coachable. I'm not just a good player, but that I'm also a good person."

You told me what he thinks about you, what do you think about him?
"He is a very honest person. He is not going to sugar coat anything. He is going to let you know what you need to know. From what I can see, he is a very good coach. He is strict and I like that in a coach. I can see that on the field and what I read. He is a good disciplinarian. I wouldn't mind playing for someone like that."

Is that something that you've had growing up?
"Yes sir, from my mom. She is very strict. I remember when she almost took me off the football team one time. That was in the 8th grade."

Are you going to take all of your official visits or, if it feels right, are you going to go ahead and commit?
"I haven't really thought about it."

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