Class of 2005 Prospect - MS DL Louis Ellis

Louis Ellis (6-4, 282, 4.8), now up to eight scholarship offers, talked about how recruiting is going and where Mississippi State is when it comes to his recruiting radar screen.

Louis Ellis Profile:

When we last talked you had offers from Southern Miss, LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Auburn. Do you have any new ones?
"Marshall, Oklahoma State and Memphis."

What colleges have called you since they could start calling September 1st?
"Oklahoma State, Mississippi State, LSU, Ole Miss, USM, Memphis, Marshall, Alabama and Auburn."

Which coaches have made the most favorable impression?
"Mississippi State's coach, Coach Haley."

He's the one that has impressed you the most?

Are there any other coaches that have really stood out in your mind?
"Coach Hobson (from Ole Miss)."

You mentioned that you like Coach Haley from Mississippi State. What do you think about MSU in general?
"I like the coaching staff they have over there."

What are your impressions of Coach Croom as a person?
"I think, outside of coaching, he would be a pretty nice guy. He's cool. I talk to him like how I talk to my friends. I talk to him just like that. He's like a friend to me."

Have you attended any of Mississippi State's games?
"I've been to the Tulane game and the Maine game."

What did you think about the team after watching those two games?
"Well, the team is down right now, so they have a long way to go and a short time to get there. I can deal with that."

Do you think Coach Croom is the right man to get them there?
" I know it's his (Coach Croom's) first year there. I know he has to take some time to build a team. He can turn them around."

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