Ty Evans Commits to MSU

Lexington (TN) High School quarterback Ty Evans (6-foot-3, 207-pound), talked to Gene's Page about his recent commitment to Mississippi State.

Ty Evans Profile

Ty, who is just 17 years old, is an excellent passer who, as a junior, completed 90 of 168 passes for 1,440 yards, 11 touchdowns and 4 interceptions as a junior while playing in a run-oriented offense. Currently, he has completed 49 of 90 passes for 10 touchdowns and thrown 4 interceptions. He is a four-year starter who has proven his durability by not having missed a game. Not only is he doing well on the field, but he is also a very good student in the classroom and has made 20 on his ACT.

"I have committed to Mississippi State."- Ty Evans

When did you commit to Mississippi State?
"I committed last Tuesday night."

What coach did you commit to?
"I called Coach Beamer and told him. Coach Beamer got Coach Croom on the phone. Then, I talked to Coach McCorvey after I talked to Coach Croom." (Coach Beamer is Ty's recruiting coach.-Gene)

What did they say when you told them that you were committed to them?
"They said that they were very excited that I had made that decision. They said it was what they had been waiting on. We both talked about how happy I was to be going down there and how happy they were to have me."

What were the things that excited you about Mississippi State?
"The coaching staff really had a lot to do with it. Really, when you are making decisions like that, it's not only what you like the best or who you like the best, but it's also about who likes you the best as well. And I just felt like the coaching staff at Mississippi State really showed me, more than anybody else, that they had interest in me and were more genuine."

Since they've seen film of you and saw you in their camp, what are some things they like about you as a quarterback?
"Coach Croom told me that he likes the attention I pay to details, which means carrying out my fakes and footwork and stuff like that."

What schools have been showing the most interest in you?
"Schools that are calling me include the University of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi State, Arkansas State, Memphis and MTSU (Middle Tennessee State)."

Are all of those schools calling you weekly?
"Yes sir."

Are you planning on taking any official visits other than the one to Mississippi State?
"As of right now, I'm not planning on taking any official visits except to Mississippi State."

How does it feel to know you have gotten your recruitment out of the way and will be playing for an SEC school next year?
"It feels wonderful."

Is playing in the SEC like a dream come true for you?
"It very much is. That's something that I have always wanted to do."

You know Mississippi State's record the past few years and how they have done this year. How does that, as a recruit, affect the way you feel about them?
"The way they are playing right now does not bother me. It's obvious that they are in a rebuilding stage. It doesn't bother me at all. I feel that I have a great opportunity to come in and help them turn it around."

Wib Evans, Ty's dad, also talked about his son's commitment to Mississippi State.

How would you describe your son as a quarterback?
"He is a pro-style quarterback. That is what the coaches saw in him this summer (at the camps). He is a 5-flat guy in the forty. He is about 6-3.5 and weighs about 205."

How did he do at the Mississippi State football camp?
"We came from Tuscaloosa that day and got (to MSU) at noon. Alabama was on him pretty hard at the time and we felt like we needed to go to their camp, but we also wanted to go to (Mississippi) State. (MSU assistant coach) Shane (Beamer) had asked us to come. They had seen film on him but wanted to also get him to their camp. To be honest, I don't know if he was in their top group when he got there, but by the middle of the afternoon they had moved him over into their top group. By the end of the day - he had a good day at camp - they were watching him and I think they turned their attention up on him a little bit."

Talk about Ty committing to MSU and your feelings about turning your son over to the MSU coaching staff for the next four or five years.
"Well, obviously, we feel fortunate to have a son who is able to play in the Southeastern Conference. We grew up watching the Southeastern Conference.

"As far as it relates to the coaches, one of the things I talked to Coach Croom about was that we feel we are handing him over a good product and a good kid. And that we hope that he gives us back a kid that is better than the one we gave to him. He said, 'I can assure you that I will.' That made a positive influence on me. I have been around his lockerroom and his players on the field. I am a stickler for discipline myself. And his discipline made a big impression on me.

"While I haven't spent as much time with (Quarterback) Coach McCorvey that I have spent with Coach Beamer and Coach Croom, what little time I have spent around him, I feel the same way about him.

"Obviously, when you want your children to be successful, you look at the coaching staff that they have in place. And you can tell these guys have come from successful backgrounds, both playing and coaching. And I think that is extremely important in going forward in life, whether he ever plays a down of football. I'm just happy he is going to be around people that know how to be successful and the work it will takes. I feel that they are getting a kid that has a great work ethic. That is something his mom and I have always tried to instill in him."

Talk about the recruiting process itself.
"When we went into this process we had three goals as a family and from Ty's standpoint. He wanted to play in the SEC. That has been a longtime goal of his. He wanted to go to a school that had a great academic background as well as good gameday type atmosphere. And he wanted to have the opportunity o play. He wants to go in and compete for playing time early. He didn't want to come in and get behind a Brett Favre and sit there three or four years waiting to play. Mississippi State gives him all three of those. He is absolutely thrilled about that and so are we."

Talk about MSU's recruitment of your son.
"They have done an excellent job. They are very diligent. And they gave him the sense that they want me."

Talk about the other teams who are recruiting him.
"I know Tennessee has really been recruiting him hard. (Assistant Head Coach/ Defensive Coordinator) Coach Chavis told us that they think his upside is tremendous. However, Tennessee is like Alabama, they offered another kid early. They offered Josh Compton and he committed early. Tennessee is only going to sign one quarterback. Plus, they have Ainges and Schaffer. Coach Chavis knows that and we do to, but he said he is going to recruit Ty until it is over. Alabama recruited the Barnes kid out of California and offered him early and he committed. The other schools recruiting him really hard are Memphis, Middle Tennessee and Arkansas State. Memphis told us that he was by far the best quarterback at their camp, but they have one commitment and it is a quarterback out of Louisiana."

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