Class of 2005 Prospect - MS OL Craig Jenkins

Offensive lineman Craig Jenkins (Pearl HS, 6-4, 340) discussed his recent commitment to Mississippi State.

Craig Jenkins Profile:

When did Mississippi State offer you a scholarship?
"It's been a couple of weeks since they offered me. I think it was something like September 17th when I got the letter in the mail."

When did you actually commit to them?
"I committed yesterday (October 6th). I had already decided that I was going to commit. I usually get a call from them around Wednesday or Thursday."

What Mississippi State coach is recruiting you?
"Coach McCorvey, Woody McCorvey."

What was Coach McCorvey's reaction when you committed?
"He was going on and on about how excited he was. Then, I talked to Coach Croom and they were telling me the plans they had for the next couple of years. They said they were looking for some good guys to bring their team together and rebuild. They plan on winning the National Championship."

What specific things did the MSU coaches say they like about you as a player?
"They told me that they like me because I have good size and that I can move pretty well. When I went to their camp over the summer, they told me that they liked what they saw."

What are your impressions of Coach Croom and Coach McCorvey as people?
"Coach Croom seems like a guy who knows what he wants. He has some pretty good point of views looking for players that he thinks are good enough to help build his team. Coach McCorvey is pretty cool. He seems nice, a good person to get along with."

340 pounds is pretty big. Did the MSU coaches tell you that they would like to see you lose some weight?
"Yeah, he told me that. He didn't say specifically. He just said that he wants his linemen to average somewhere between 315 to 320."

What are your plans as far as taking official visits? Do you plan on visiting MSU and others or just MSU?
"I just plan on visiting them."

What other colleges are calling you?
"The only other calls I got were from Louisiana Tech."

Which schools are sending you letters?
"I get letters from Southern Miss, Ole Miss and West Virginia."

Have you kept up with how Mississippi State is doing this season?

How does how they are playing affect you?
"The record doesn't really affect me. I look at it as they need some help. That makes my chances a little better to come in and get on the field. Maybe in a year or two I may be able to see some action on the field."

Would you want to play your freshman season?
"Yeah, that would be great."

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