Class of 2005 Prospect - MS DL Jessie Bowman

Jessie Bowman (Brookhaven HS, 6', 305, 5.3), one of the top defensive linemen in the state of Mississippi, discussed how recruiting is going.

Jessie Bowman Profile:

What colleges are calling you?
"Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Northwest (LA) College."

Have you received any scholarship offers?
"No sir."

Who would you say are your favorite schools?
"USM, Ole Miss and Mississippi State."

What do you know about each of the three schools that are your favorites?
"They all have a good football program. They need people on the defensive line who make plays. And I think I can fit in."

You were at Mississippi State this past weekend. Who else have you unofficially visited?
"I haven't taken one to Ole Miss or USM this year. That was my first one to Mississippi State. I visited USM last year for the TCU game."

How was your visit to State?
"It was a good experience. I liked the environment. It was raining, but they still had a good crowd even though they are having a losing season."

Does it affect you as a recruit when you see that a team is going through tough times?
"It really doesn't affect me because I know that they are going to get over the hump. They are missing key players who can make plays."

Did you get a chance to talk to any of Mississippi State's coaches while you were at State?
"I talked to all of them."

What were some things their coaches talked to you about?
"They said I'm a playmaker and they want playmakers who love the game to come to Mississippi State."

What did Coach Croom say to you?
"He said that they need some more athletes to help put them over the hump."

What are your impressions of Coach Croom?
"He seems like he is a good guy. He has good family support. When we went up in there, all of his family was in there supporting him, waiting for him to come out of the locker room. His momma was there from Tuscaloosa."

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