Class of 2005 Prospect - GA RB Brandyn Young

Brandyn Young (Tucker HS, 5-11, 180, 4.5) is one of the top running backs in the state of Georgia. Not only a good player, but a good student as well, Brandyn talked recruiting with Gene's Page.

Brandyn Young Profile:

How's your team doing this season?
"We are doing well. We are 7 and 0. We just came off a big game Friday that will determine our regional championship game. We won that game 28-7."

How well are you doing personally?
"I don't keep up with my statistics. I think I have scored maybe 8 times this year. I had a big game on Friday. I had the most rushing yards that I have had this season. I think I had 25 (carries) for 184 (yards)."

Who are you receiving recruiting calls from?
"Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Maryland, Kentucky. Those are pretty much the ones that I talked to. Oklahoma also calls. There are other schools that I'm pretty sure that have called. I see them on my caller ID, but I don't get home until late at night sometimes. I go to pick my sister up from my granddad's house. And my mom still goes to (college) right now."

The last time we talked you had 15 scholarship offers. Have you had any new ones since we talked?
"No sir."

Who would you consider your favorites to be at this time?
"The four schools that I told you that called me, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Maryland and Kentucky."

Have you set up any official visits?
"Yes sir, I'm going to try to set up my official for Mississippi State on the 23rd, the Florida game, if I can get it worked out with my mom. Coach Gray from Kentucky is trying to get one set up. I'm in the progress of setting them up but I haven't really set up an exact date with any of them."

It sounds like you are trying to set up your official visits during the season. Is that correct?
"I am probably going to take Mississippi State and Ole Miss during the season. I like to come to the games."

Have you kept up with the four schools that you like?

Has Mississippi State not doing well this year affected you either positively or negatively?
"It hasn't affected me negatively. I think it has more of a positive effect to me. I am a big fan of Coach Croom. I have all the respect for him and feel that I would like to come and help him out, try to bring something to the table because I am an athlete. They are not having the best of times down there, but I feel like if I could come down there and they also have a good recruiting class, then they could turn things around."

How many times have you talked to Coach Croom?
"I talked to him the one time after the Auburn game."

He must have really impressed you during the conversation?
"I really like him. My granddad works for the Atlanta Falcons. And a lot of coaches there came from Green Bay and a couple came from Alabama and they knew Coach Croom. They had a lot of good words about him. I've never heard anything negative about him. It is always positive talk about him."

Who is your recruiting coach for Mississippi State?
"Coach Guy Holliday."

What do you think about him?
"Coach Holliday is a down-to-earth guy. He is fun to talk to. Coach Holliday and me will joke around. He is just a good person. I feel that if I went to Mississippi State he would be a person that I would like to be around."

What do you like about Ole Miss?
"Coach Cutcliffe called me. I talked to him for awhile. He seemed like a real down-to-earth guy. He doesn't say anything negative about his team but he feels there is always improvements that he can make. They aren't having the best of times there either. Coach Nunn, my recruiting coach from there, when he calls me we might not even talk to Ole Miss. We might have a conversation about anything. We are just establishing a good relationship."

Talk about what you like about Maryland.
"When I went up there I enjoyed their campus. They had a lot of new stuff being built. A big factor for me is I like Coach (Ralph) Friedgen. With him being one of the top offensive minds in the nation, I think I really like that. I am also establishing a good relationship with my recruiting coach."

What do you like about Kentucky?
"I've known Coach Brooks for awhile. He was the defensive coordinator with the (Atlanta) Falcons. I've been watching them for awhile. My grandfather knows him, so that is a big draw to Kentucky. I think they start a freshman running back right now, so I think there is an opportunity to go in and help them out because they need some running backs. Kentucky also told me that they will keep me on the offensive side of the ball. And that is a big draw to. It really doesn't matter if I play offense or defense but I think I am more attracted to the offensive side of the ball."

Where do the other three schools want you to play?
"Coach Holliday came to the school not to long ago and watched film of me. At first they wanted me to play running back, but they weren't sure if I would be a better running back or cornerback. But, after watching film, they want me as a running back. Maryland said they will start me off at running back or move me to receiver. If not, I could play on the defensive side of the ball. Ole Miss wants me at running back."

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