Class of 2005 Prospect - GA OL Andre Barbour

Andre Barbour, who recently transferred to A. E. Beach High School in Savannah, GA. from North Springs High School in Atlanta, GA. is one of the top offensive linemen in the state of Georgia. Andre (6-6, 265) talked recruiting with Gene's Page.

Andre Barbour Profile:

What schools have called you?
"Mississippi State, Duke, UNC, Holy Cross and West Virginia. They are calling about once a week."

Have you received any scholarship offers?
"Yes, Duke and UNC have offered. My coach said Mississippi State is going to offer and some other schools are, too."

Who would you say are your favorite schools at the moment?
"Probably Mississippi State, UNC, Duke and West Virginia."

Do you know much about each school?
"I know quite a bit about UNC and Duke. Their coaches have called me and have also sent me media guides and I've read through them. My education is a major thing for me because I want to major in Biology or Sports Medicine, something similar to that field, and minor in Business."

Of the schools you are interest in, which ones have your major?
"UNC and Duke. Mississippi State, I'll have to look into them to see what they have."

What are the coaches saying that they like about you?
"They like my build. They say that they can easily put weight on me without having to worry about me getting too fat. They like my pass-blocking skills."

Switching over to Mississippi State, do they call you weekly?
"Coach Holliday called me the week before last."

Do you know much about Mississippi State?
"My (former) coach (at North Springs High School) wants me to consider them. He's told me about them."

Have you kept up with how the schools are doing on the field?
"Yes, a couple of the schools. I usually watch ESPN a couple of hours each day."

As far as your recruiting is concern, does it matter if a team is not having a good season?
"It doesn't really matter as long as they are not doing horrible. As long as I'm going to a school that will give me a good education and they are doing alright, that is fine. We are going there to learn. I'm going to try and take advantage of that. I'm going to try to be a fifth-year senior."

You wouldn't mind being redshirted?
"No, that's my plan."

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