College Board Reportedly Finishes MSU Review

It is being reported that the Board of Trustees of the Institutions of Higher Learning has finished their review of Mississippi State's athletic department, and will be publishing the results shortly.

No detailed information was available to Dawgs' Bite as of 6:45 Thursday. Nothing on the subject had been posted on either the college board's website ( or either the MSU athletic department or University websites.

The review grew out of a decision by the college board last summer to renew the contract of athletic director Larry Templeton for only one year, instead of the standard four-year extension requested by Dr. Charles Lee. When the board announced that decision at their May meeting, they also announced that a one-year review of the MSU athletic department would take place.

But at the June meeting the board reversed course, extending Templeton's contract three years (through June 2007). The review was also de-emphasized and the personnel to conduct it changed. Specific goals and criteria of the review were never published and in fact the entire process has proceeded practically unnoticed since then.

No comment was available as this was written, but impressions from one MSU official after speaking with the administration were that the stated results will be positive for the athletic program. As more information becomes available we will try to update this story.

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