Class of 2005 Profile: INF Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner, a 6-1, 170-pound infielder (2B/3B) who plays for Walker Valley High School in Cleveland, TN., talked with Gene's Page about his commitment to Mississippi State.

Brandon Turner Profile

Honors and Achievements: All-District, All-Region and All-Area. Also selected to the TBCA (Tennessee Baseball Coaches Association) Showcase East team the last two years. Brandon is an outstanding hitter who, during the last year (high school team, summer team and fall team), has hit approximately .454 with 22 home runs and 147 RBI in 108 games.

Q&A with Brandon Turner

What baseball camps did you attend last summer?
"In between my sophomore and junior year I went to Florida State's baseball camp. This past summer I went to the TBCA Showcase Camp. You try out for their team and go to MTSU if you make the team. I went to it for my sophomore and junior years."

Did you make the TBCA east team both years?

How many guys made the team?
"There are east and west teams and two other teams from Tennessee that go to MTSU. I think around 20 made each team."

Once you make the team, do you travel around playing other teams?
"You go to MTSU and there are a lot of colleges that come there and watch you play three games. After those three games you are through."

Is that where Mississippi State's coaching staff first saw you?
"They knew me about me because my summer team played in a tournament at Mississippi State. We played four or five games. My fall team played at Ole Miss and Coach Raffo saw me."

Switching over to recruiting, what colleges called you on or after July 1st?
"Tennessee, Ole Miss, Troy State, Arkansas State, Mississippi State, Tennessee Tech, Walter State and Kennesaw State."

Which schools offered scholarships?
"Tennessee, Troy State, Walter State, Birmingham-Southern, Mississippi State, Tennessee Tech and Kennesaw State."

Who is Walter State?
"They are a juco up here. They are usually (ranked) one or two in the nation every year. A lot of times they get the big names who want to get drafted early."

Which schools did you officially visit?
"Tennessee, Troy State, Tennessee Tech and Mississippi State. After the Mississippi State one, I was done."

Talk about you visit to State.
"The first night we went up in the skybox and ate there. Honestly, it was really impression. That night, I went around with the players and really enjoyed been around them. I also liked the small town type thing. I loved Coach Raffo, Coach Polk and Coach McNickle. After they gave me my offer, I was pretty much sold on going there."

When did you receive your offer?
"We went in Saturday before the (MSU/Maine football) game to see Coach Polk. We talked to him for about an hour to an hour and a half. That was when he made the offer"

Did you immediately say yes to the offer or go home and think about it?
"My parents and I went home and I told them that's where I want to be. They said that's fine but to think about it for a couple of days. I kept thinking about it but my mind didn't change."

Who wound up being second on your list?
"Probably Troy State or Tennessee."

Being in Tennessee, have you grown up a fan of the University of Tennessee
"My parents are big Tennessee fans, but I have never really cared for them that much. My favorite team is North Carolina. I like them in basketball and enjoy watching them play."

Going back to Mississippi State, what did the MSU coaches say they like about you as a player?
"George (Koontz) is my summer coach and they talked to him. They told him that they are most impressed with my hitting."

What position did the MSU coaches recruit you for?
"They said I could play anywhere. They don't have an exact position for me. My bat is my biggest asset, so they said I could play anywhere."

Do you have an idea what your situation with the pros is as far as next June's Major League Baseball Draft?
"George, who knows a lot about that, said he thinks there are going to be some teams that will be interested in drafting me, but he doesn't know which rounds."

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