Postgame Comments From MSU Players

Mississippi State football players - Omarr Conner, Jonathan Lowe, Michael Heard, McKinley Scott, Jerious Norwood - talked to the media about their 38-31 victory over the 19th ranked Florida Gators.

Quarterback Omarr Conner

When you ran into the Florida sidelines, what was your injury?
"I caught a cramp in my knee and felt a lot of pain, so I laid up for a second. I told (MSU head trainer) Mr. Paul (Mock) whatever it takes, I'm going back out there on the field regardless. I wanted to be back out there and be with my teammates and share this victory. That's the whole point of being back out there."

Talk about the last drive. What was said in the huddle, what was the huddle like?
"We just said that we were going to win. It was our time to shine. Everybody was going to go play ball."

When you got the ball back on the interception, what were you guys thinking? What was your plan?
"Don't do like we did last time where we went four and out. The interception was a key play. The defense came out and did what they had to do."

With the way you guys ran the ball down their throats in the 4th quarter, what does that mean to your team?
"We showed that we could run and pass. Jerious (Norwood) ran the ball for 200 (yards) the last game and we put it in his hands to let him know he could do it this week, too. And he did it, too. He took us on his back and made plays."

They kept coming back each time you guys went ahead. Then, you responded with a touchdown of your own. What did you do in the huddle each of those times?
"I let my teammates know that they could trust my ability. Coach was calling plays that was using my athleticism."

You seemed to really play with a lot of confidence today. Did the three weeks away help you?
"After I got hurt, I felt I learned from my mistakes."

Is this the sweetest victory that you have ever had?
"This is the sweetest that I have ever had in my life."

Talk about the touchdown catch that McKinley Scott made in the back of the endzone.
"Oh man, McKinley just made a play. McKinley broke out and the dude was on his back. He just stayed with it and made a helluva play. He has been hurt for most of the season. Now, he is back and healthy. He is going to help us out a lot."

What do you want to say to the fans that have been coming to every game and staying until the end of the fourth quarter?
"I just want to say to the fans that we are thankful that they stayed behind us through these tough times. I want them to know that the tough times don't last always, but tough people do. We want everybody to just believe in us because we are going to turn this thing around."

Punt Returner Jonathan Lowe

How did you feel during your touchdown run?
"Actually, I was a little exhausted. I have a little chest cold, so I kind of ran out of gas. It was hard for me to breath after that."

The official got hurt on your play. Did you see him get hurt?
"Actually, I didn't see the official until he fell. He was on the ground like this (with his arms up signaling a touchdown). I was just making sure that they added 6 points on the board."

What would you like to say to the fans who have been coming to the games and staying until the end of the fourth quarter?
"That is incredible support. I'm glad they chose to come to today's game and I hope we continue to get even more support. I appreciate them."

Defensive End Michael Heard

What was it like for the defensive linemen during Florida's last desperation drive at the end of the game?
"After we scored the touchdown, coach told us that we had to hold them. Then, when it got down to the last few seconds, I knew we had won, but I still had that bad play in my mind where the penalty cost the team."

How would you rate your play for the entire game?
"I had a good day. This was probably the best game that I have played against an SEC team. Coach has told me that I need to come out of my shell and leave it all on the field. So, I tried my best to do that."

When you were 1 and 5, did you ever lose faith in yourselves?
"No, we never lost faith in ourselves. We never doubted ourselves. Coach Croom told us no matter if we won or lost to just leave it all on the field. We pretty much gave this one to Coach Croom."

How much did it help the defense to see the offense putting so many points on the field?
"It really gave us a break. Then, when we did our thing it was like everything was clicking today."

What did it feel like to finally get not only a win, but a win against a ranked opponent?
"It was like our hard work finally paid off."

What would you like to say to the fans who have continued to support you by coming to the games and staying until the final buzzer?
"I would like to say keep supporting us. We also want those that want to quit on us to come support us, too."

Wide Receiver McKinley Scott

You were here in 2000 when you guys defeated Florida. Did this one feel better than that victory?
"This felt better because I was one of the guys out there making the plays. My freshman year I was just watching guys make plays."

Do you guys understand the importance of this win?
"Yes, it was big. Coach told us, staring Monday, that if we believed, we could win. If everybody played hard like we did on Thursday, flying around and just having fun, I knew then that we was going to win this game."

He said before the LSU game, he didn't feel you guys believed you could win.
"Yeah, he said that was what he thought. He said after Thursday he didn't know if we were going to win, but he knew for sure that we were going to give it our all."

Putting 38 points on the board has to be very satisfying.
"That is very satisfying, but, at the same time, you have to have your fun thinking about it right now, then come Sunday you have to forget it. Then Monday, you have to get ready for the next team."

That last drive, when it was crunch time, you proved you could do it.
"From being in the huddle, everybody was like we can do this. That was when I knew everybody was pulling together and knew that they can do what it takes."

What was it like on the sidelines when Jeramie (Johnson) made the interception that gave you the ball back for the game-winning touchdown?
"It was very exciting. It was like I knew something big was about to happen. I looked at Tee for a little bit, then I looked back around and Jeramie has picked it."

While it wasn't a packed house, the noise level was high.
"That is the same thing I was telling Will Prosser. 'Man, there aren't many people here, but they are loud. They are real loud.' It was probably the loudest it has been this year."

What would you like to say to those fans?
"I want to tell them thank you. You are going to have some fans who are going to give up on you and you are going to have those fans who will stick with you no matter what. I was happy to get up early this morning and go through the Dog Walk and see fans out there cheering and still happy to see us. It gives you the faith to keep going no matter what."

Running Back Jerious Norwood

With Omarr in the backfield, did that give you a better chance to run the ball?
"Oh yeah, with Omarr in the backfield, we have a couple of threats. He can drop back and throw the ball and he can run the ball. That kind of keeps the defense unbalanced."

It seemed like you really did a good job with your reads today.
"Sometimes you are going to have games like that. Sometimes you are going to miss your reads. You want to be perfect, but you can't be perfect all the time."

The last game you have over 200 yards, but you said you didn't feel good about it because you lost. You must feel good about this game because you won.
"It feels real good to win. You can't ask for anything better than that. We played hard all game and prepared hard all week."

You seemed to run better in the second half. Did something happen?
"No, nothing much changed. The O-Line blocked good all game long. I guess we kind of wore them down in the second half."

How emotional was this for you considering how tough the past three years have been?
"It has been rough on us, but as long as we get a win it doesn't matter."

When you came back to the sidelines after the game-winning touchdown and kneeled down, what were you doing?
"I was tired, but I just wanted to thank the Lord for that opportunity, really. It is wasn't for him, I wouldn't be able to do all of this."

Are you 100% healthy now?
"No, I wouldn't say that I'm 100%."

What is wrong with you? Where you've had surgery?
"No, I would say it's my knee, my right knee. It doesn't really just hurt real bad, but my knee is my worry. It feels pretty good right now."

Chris McNeil said this was probably the most physical game that he has been in. Would you say the same thing?
"It has to be the most physical one that I've played in. Man, those guys were hitting. They hit me all game long. I was hitting them, too. It was physical out there."

What would you like to say to the fans who have come to every game and stayed until the end of the fourth quarter?
"Just stick with us. Things have to get better down the road. The only thing we can do is keep playing."

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