Ervin sees Improvement in his Game

After playing as a backup last season, Ervin looks forward to his role as a starter.

Gary Ervin Profile:

Talk about the difference between the start of this season compared to the start of last season as far as you the player.
"As you can see now, I'm on the white team (starters). Last year, I was always on the maroon team (reserves)."

Do you now know more what to expect since you've been in the system for a year and played in the SEC and gone to the NCAA Tournament?
"You know what to expect, but I'll go from playing 18 to 19 minutes (a game) to, hopefully, playing 29 to 30 minutes."

What is the biggest improvement that you have made since last season?
"Confidence, really. It all starts with confidence. Now, it's just like playing on the high school level, although they are bigger and better guys."

What was the most difficult thing for you last year?
"Having the guys listen to me as a freshman. That was the biggest difference last year."

Who are some of the guys backing you up in practice?
"One of them is Shane Power. He is going to be playing some point guard. Jamall (Edmondson) and Dietric (Slater). Jamall hasn't been on the practice court yet (due to a hamstring pull), but he's a very good player."

Has coach worked with you to tone down your game from last year?
"I did that last year because it was something that they needed from me when coming off the bench. It will be different this year because I'm in a different situation. I'll have to change my game. I won't be coming down fulls speed all the time because I will be playing more minutes."

What did you do this summer?
"The first part I stayed with the team. The second part I went home and stayed with my family."

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