Roberts Ready to Step up as a Leader

Lawrence Roberts, a preseason National Player of the Year candidate, talked about the upcoming season.

Lawrence Roberts Profile:

Last summer was such an emotional time for you, now you have to wait to see what the NCAA rules. How tough is that?
"It's not tough at all. You just have to keep playing. You can't control what happens (off the court). The only thing you can control is going out there and practice. I just try to stay focused and keep my head straight"

As a senior, are you trying to be more of a leader?
"Me, Harp (Ontario Harper) and Shane (Power) are stepping into roles as leaders. We have to work hard and when the game comes to the end, we have to be able to take our team to the promise land."

Did the disappointment of losing to Xavier and not reaching your team goals play into your decision to come back to Mississippi State?
"A lot of things did. Everything played a little part in it. With the talent level we have, I think we can do some big things. And it is always a plus coming back to school."

As far as your perimeter game is concerned, haven't you played the three position before?
"Yeah, I played a lot of (positions) when I was younger. Coach would put me out there and play me at as many positions as he could. We had teams that had height, so that allowed me to play other positions."

Talk about your team's preseason schedule.
"We are going to have to be focused early. The biggest thing is we will have to prepare ourselves for some really tough games. We have to be ready as a team."

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