Class of 2005 Prospect - AL OL Johnny Carpenter

Citronelle (AL) High School offensive lineman Johnny Carpenter (6-foot-3, 290) talks recruiting with Gene's Page.

Johnny Carpenter Profile

Which schools are calling you on a regular basis?
"Alabama, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Ole Miss has started calling me, UAB is calling me, Middle Tennessee and Troy State."

What schools have offered you?
"Southern Miss, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and UAB. UAB and Ole Miss offered me a few days ago. I've had offers from Mississippi State and Southern Miss since the spring"

What college football games have you attended this season?
"I've been to the Mississippi State-Tulane, Mississippi State-Kentucky, Alabama-Ole Miss, Alabama-Southern Miss, Ole Miss-Auburn, and the Auburn-Louisiana Tech games."

How did it help you by going to the games?
"It allowed me to get to know the atmosphere better and see how it will be like when I get there. How things are going to be operated, how things are going to gone about."

Have you set up any official visits?
"I believe I'm going to take mine to Mississippi State January 14th. I'm not even sure if it is set up, but that's what we've talked about."

Do you have a top five or six list of schools?
"In no order, of course the four that have offered me (USM, MSU, Ole Miss, UAB) and Alabama."

Has Alabama given any hints that they may offer?
"They've said that they can't guarantee me but they are going to try and fit me in the puzzle or something like that."

Talk about what you like about your top five.

Southern Miss
"I like their school and campus and they are close to home. And they are a winning team with good coaches."

Mississippi State
"I like the people up there. It's a good school. I like Coach Croom and think there is going to be a big change up there. I believe if I go there, I might have a good shot at a national championship with the recruits that are coming in."

Ole Miss
"They just got on me. I just started talking to Coach Matt Luke and he is a pretty nice guy. I like the campus and the atmosphere up there."

"I'm not really sure about UAB. They are the only in-state school that has offered me and that means something."

"Oh man, it's a great tradition and I grew up an Alabama fan and I just love the university."

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